August, 08, 2017

Ideas Brought to Life with the Virtual Design Center

Sometimes the pictures in your head about how an event table will look aren’t fully developed. That’s exactly why BBJ Linen created the Virtual Design Center. It brings a table setting into focus, clears up the fuzzy details, and allows you to view a finished scene — indoors or out, formal or casual — instantaneously and in full color.

Change your mind and try new combinations with just the click of a computer mouse. Then, when it feels just right, move on with confidence to lock in your linen choices and finalize the rest of the arrangements.

Bold Outdoor Event

Red and Blue Table Design | BBJ Linen

For an informal daytime gathering at an outdoor sporting venue, the initial direction includes bold options and solid blocks of color. Bright blue is a natural to play against brilliant red. Using the virtual design center makes it possible to see how the primary colors play against the outdoor setting of green lawn and blue sky.

Virtual Design Center Blue and Red Table Design | BBJ Linen


Enhancing the Seating 

Red and Blue Patriotic Table Decor | BBJ Linen

The virtual design center allows users to choose from the full array of BBJ linen styles, patterns and colors, and even offers options for seating styles, table shape, and accessories. Draping open chair backs with semi-sheer flowing jackets creates a stunning effect, especially when color combinations are this bold.

Silver, Purple and Gold

Silver and Purple Wedding Decor and Design | BBJ LinenJennifer Wagner

Get down to details: Layer your virtual design with deep purple napkins, white chargers and contemporary glassware. Then sit back and enjoy your handiwork. Remember, it’s easy to change your mind! In this example, lighting takes into effect the look of the grand ballroom. Easily adjust the lighting in the design center to what is more fitting to your venue.Silver and Purple Event Decor Virtual Design Center | BBJ Linen

From Concept to Reality

Blue and Gold Table Decor Virtual Design Center | BBJ Linen

Because the design tool is so easy to use, it can be easily tweaked. Here, the difference between initial concept and the actual event is minimal. Ivory napkins complete the look.

Blue and White Tablescape | BBJ LinenMichelle Cox Photography | The Style Project | Flowers for Dreams

It’s a Wrap!

Pink Highboy Table Virtual Design Center | BBJ LinenAveryhouse | LK Events

Creating a memorable event is super easy when you make use of BBJ’s Virtual Design Center. It takes the guesswork out of “seeing” the results of your creative work. We think you’ll return again and again to “play” with our latest design tools.