March, 13, 2011

How to Tie a Simple Knot with Elegant Event Chair Ties

Looking to create a chair tie that will make your chairs smile? Look no more‚ the Simple Knot by BBJ Linen is here. Chair ties and covers can be a great way to put your own fingerprint on your event! Watch the video to enjoy learning about the Simple Knot chair tie!

Get the Look

Tie the Simple Bow Step 1: Find the center of the chair tie. Step 2: Fold the top of the chair cover over an inch, then place around the chair. We like to tie the chair tie higher up so it stays in place on the chair. Step 3: Place the left side over the right side, then switch hands to hold the fabric. Step 4: Use your right hand to go up, behind and over, and then pull tight in an up and down direction. Make a loop with the chair tie on the right side so you can wrap around the loop. Step 5: Grab onto the loop on the right side with your right hand, and pull the fabric through to complete the bow. Then proceed to make The Simple Knot Step 1: Follow the last step of the Simple Bow by pulling the ties all the way out. Step 2: Make sure your Square Knot is centered in the middle. Step 3: Place the shiny sides of your chair tie facing out. Step 4: Pull your chair cover to smooth it out. For more rental linen ideas, check out BBJ Linen’s blog, or connect with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Here is to your beautiful looking tables, chairs and napkins! All the Best, The BBJ Linen Design Team