March, 13, 2011

How to Swag Serpentine Table Linens for Weddings & Events

Looking for a video on swagging any type of table? BBJ Linen is here to help! In this video, you will learn the never before shared secrets on how to customize your Serpentine.  No one teaches how to create beautiful looking serpentines, so we wanted to share these secrets with you. Curious to learn how to customize your Serpentine? Great! We’re here to solve the serpentine confusion. Look here to learn the art of swagging any type of overlay!

What You Need

  • Serpentine table
  • Rental table linen


Get the Look

Step 1: Place the base linen on the table. Center the linen by making sure the seam runs down the table, and make sure there is equal amounts of fabric on both sides.

Step 2: Now we enter the premeasure stage to find the center point. Before you place your first pin in, you’ll find the center point‚ which is the spot you’ll hold onto with your left hand.

Step 3: Next, grab the middle of the linen and hold the top of the table. The bottom of table cloth should be even with the floor.

Step 4: Gather the linen and hold on with your left hand, then gather linen with your right hand.

Step 5: Put the pin behind the linen, and pin all on one side.

Step 6: Gently tuck the linen at the bottom of the table.

A Serpentine swag can help elevate your event tables to be more beautiful and unique. So have fun with this, and don’t be overwhelmed. If you are, call us at (866) 245-1902, or just watch video again‚ you will get there!

The Serpentine swag may be daunting at first, but it’s very rewarding once you can customize it. For more rental linen inspiration for your event tables, be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages! Here is to your incredibly beautiful tables! All the best, The BBJ Linen Design Team