September, 06, 2014

How to Plan a Great Family Reunion

When people hear “family reunion,” they probably think of a big picnic in a park somewhere. While those can be fun, sometimes an event that’s a bit more glamorous or elegant can be fun, too, and planning a great family reunion doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve all been to family reunions where everything is outside and there aren’t any activities. Sitting at a picnic table in the hot sun chatting with your Great Aunt Sally can be fun for a little while, but if you’re in charge of planning your family’s big get-together, win everyone over by providing them with a day that not only brings everyone together, but that’s fun, too!

Pick a Great Location

If there’s a lake house that everyone went to as kids that you still have access to, perfect! But if not, you might feel like you have your work cut out for you. Choosing a venue for a family reunion is at least a little less stressful than picking out a venue for something like a wedding—for a reunion, you’ll just need to make sure that there’s enough space for everyone to enjoy the weather as well as have some respite from it, particularly if it’s the hot summer. Public parks are great for this, as are many hotels and resort spaces. Once you’ve found the location, decorating it is easy—simply choose fun, vibrant table linens and other décor that you’d expect to find at a family reunion, like photo board full of memories from everyone attending.

Plan the Menu

Thankfully, family reunions are a bit more casual, so you can plan on hosting something like a barbecue or having a taco bar with all the fixin’s. Here, it’s more important to make sure there’s enough for everyone than it is to wow people with 5-star chefs. You can serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, of course, but if you do serve alcohol, make sure there’s a place for everyone to stay so that they can avoid driving. Plan a cute dessert buffet for everyone to enjoy, too! If you prefer to keep things simpler, you can serve an array of appetizers instead of a full-blown entree course. Use a table runner to set off the dishes holding the various types of food—using creative touches for your event’s food is great!

Set Up Activities

If there are any kids attending, you’ll find that you can’t plan enough activities to keep them entertained. This could mean hiring a magician or a clown to perform, or simply having a handful of games on hand to keep them occupied. For adults, you can write up a sort of Trivial Pursuit game featuring neat facts and fun stories about your family. Big-group games like Bingo are fun, as well, as are fun-for-all-ages activities like a water balloon toss or water fight with water guns—if it’s hot, the guests will love this, but if you plan on including these types of events, make sure to note that guests may want to bring towels, a swimsuit and a change of clothes.

Getting everyone together can be a fun event for everyone—with a little bit of planning, your event will be a hit!

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