March, 13, 2011

How to Place a Decorative Linen Overlay Over an Event Table

Are you new to setting up table linen? If you are, you’re in the right place! At BBJ Linen, we know this might be your first time setting up an event or possibly setting up a table in your own home. In this video, you are going to learn some tricks to setting up an overlay that will save you time and hassle‚ and make your events look great. Watch the video below to learn how to place a decorative linen overlay over an event table. It’s very short, but it answers so many questions that many people have! Keep in mind that in this video, we use a 90-inch square overlay, although they are also available in 60-inch styles.

What You Need

  • Table
  • 90-inch rental overlay

Get the Look

Step 1: Hold two sides of 90-inch square and let go of the side you want to throw.

Step 2: Throw the rental linen on the table as you would a bedsheet.

Step 3: Make sure the corners of the overlay touch the floor.

Step 4: Center and smooth out the rental linen. It’s the small details like a properly placed table linen that can turn your event from a function to a masterpiece! BBJ Linen also offers a variety of other items for your tablescape design, including table runners, napkins, charger plates and more.

To see examples of our products in action, check out our Facebook or Instagram pages. Here is to your gorgeous-looking tables‚ they are going to be a bit more beautiful after watching this video!

All the best, The BBJ Linen Design Team