March, 13, 2011

How to Make a Tuxedo Fold with Wedding Table Napkin Linens

Discover how to fold a napkin using the Tuxedo Fold method. This is a very impressive napkin fold that only looks complicated‚ it’s actually simple as long as you watch the video. Once you’ve completed this fold, you’ll have a gorgeous napkin that can bring your entire tablescape to life! Watch the video below and follow our step-by-step instructions.

What You Will Need

  • Napkin

Get the Look

Step 1: Lay napkin flat on table so the side with the pattern or shiny side is facing down. Step 2: Make a triangle with your napkin, bringing the bottom up. Here, you won’t want to align the edges. As you see in the video, the bottom part is about six centimeters from the top of the triangle. Step 3: Fold the right side in, and then fold the left side. Step 4: Your napkin is now in a diamond shape. Flip over the entire diamond shape, then fold the right side in, and do the exact same thing with the left side to make a kite shape. Step 5: Take the bottom tails up and fold them up above the fold. Flip over the entire napkin again. Step 6: Open up the lapels and there you have it‚ a completely stunning Tuxedo Fold! Want to learn more about the types of napkin folds? Check out our blog post here, or get in touch with our team today! Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for additional tablescape inspiration. Best, The BBJ Linen Design Team