March, 13, 2011

How to Make a Simple Flip Tie & Knot with Linen Chair Ties

The Flip is a very simple and elegant chair tie will add class and elegance to any of your tables! As you will see when you watch this video, you will see just how simple it can be.

What You Need

  • Rental chair
  • Chair tie

Get the Look

Start with the Simple Bow. Step 1: Find the center of the chair tie by holding on to the single loop. Step 2: Fold the top of the chair cover and place it on the front of the chair. Step 3: Place the left side over the right side. Switch which hands hold the fabric. Step 4: Take your right hand and go up, behind and over, and pull tight in an up and down direction. Step 5: Make a loop on the left side so you can wrap around the tie in your right hand. Step 6: Grab onto the loop with your right hand and pull the fabric through to complete the bow. Turn the bow into the Simple Knot. Step 1: Pull the ties all the way out. Step 2: Make sure the shiny sides are facing outward. Move on to your final step: the Flip. Step 1: Wrap the shiny side of the tie over the other sides of the fabric. Step 2: Tuck this fabric under the knot and pull it over. For more rental table inspiration, check out BBJ Linen’s blog, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram pages. If you need additional help, you can always get in touch with a BBJ Linen representative. Here’s to your beautiful rental table linen! All the best, The BBJ Linen Design Team