December, 31, 2014

How to Incorporate Jewel Tones Into Your Event: Garnet

With the holidays upon us, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of parties to plan. I like to mix things up a bit, though and stray from the standard red and green or blue and white decoration themes. One way I’ll be doing so this year is using jewel tones, but in particular, garnet. Garnet is such a beautiful stone, so it’s not surprising that it creates gorgeously decorated parties. Here are some ways you can incorporate this blood-red shade into your events.

Set the Mood with Garnet Lighting

Using red candles or burgundy paper lanterns can create an intimate, warm setting for your party while incorporating this rich color into the décor. You can even use tinted light bulbs for more warmth.

Use Streamers or Draping to Give the Venue a Luxe Feel

Using fabric draping or red streamers can add to your event’s luxurious vibe, and are easy to setup and break down. Fabric draping in particular can give your event a feeling of royalty, especially if it’s accented with gold accessories.

Use Garnet Dishes

Garnet colored charger plates as well as regular dishes can be either bought or rented for your party, and can simulate eating off of precious gemstones—truly a luxurious experience for you and your guests.

Serve Red Foods and Drinks

If you would instead prefer not to serve food in red dishes, you can serve red foods and drinks. Think of things like beet salad, pomegranate cocktails, pasta with red sauce, or drinks made with cranberry juice. All of these things can be developed into a delicious menu while featuring your chosen color.

Use Garnet Table Linen

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this rich hue into your party is to use table cloths or table runners that are garnet-colored. You can highlight the shade by using either neutral colored table linen or black table cloths and placing a garnet table runner and napkins on top. You can also choose varying textures in the same color, which creates a visually interesting and beautiful backdrop for your party.

Implement a Dress Code

If you really want to emphasize this jeweltone, ask your guests to follow a dress code of sorts—obviously, not everyone will have something in the same shade of red, but a bit of a nudge to wear their clothes that are closest to garnet can be a fun way to get everyone feeling festive.

Do you have any ideas for incorporating this jewel tone into your party? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event
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