May, 13, 2014

How to Host a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower


Today, more moms are opting out of the It’s a Boy! or It’s a Girl! reveal. Instead, they’re choosing to either not find out the sex of their babies or withhold it from family and friends for an ultra surprising big day! I love the idea of this‚ it just makes the baby’s birth that much more exciting. Are you a soon-to-be-mom who is choosing to withhold your baby’s sex to your family and friends (or even yourself!)? I’ve outlined some ideas for your gender-neutral baby shower!

Color Scheme

Baby showers tend to revolve around two colors: pink or blue. Not yours, though! Gender-neutral baby showers mean you be creative with your color scheme. One of the more popular color combinations I’ve seen for these baby showers? Sunny yellow, light turquoise blue and mint green. These pretty pastels work cohesively and can be incorporated into all your shower decorations‚ table linen, flowers, balloons, chair pads and more!


Because you’re not focusing on a particular color scheme for your shower, you’ll really get to show off your creative side. As for your table linen? I love the look of white as a base color with yellow table runners and periwinkle peony centerpieces as accents. I’ve also seen some to-be moms choose vintage-esque shower decor, like Victorian-esque chairs with bright chair pads or antique china in creamy ivory and gold, as decorative accents for their showers. Don’t feel limited to only one style, though! By combining the modern decorations with classic pieces, your shower will look completely rounded.

baby shower with fun-foods and sweet treats

Fun Foods

While many baby showers rely on the food to reveal the sex of the baby, you don’t have to! Instead of opting for the pink- or blue-iced cake, try other equally fun foods, like donut rattles, yellow cake pops and cucumber sandwiches. Make sure to use a bright stylish table linen in a shade like freesia and fun accents to create a polished food display. Want to give guests a little something to remember your shower by? Give them some sweet treats, like mint green macaroons or blue, yellow, and green candies in mason jars, to take home as favors.

How would you plan a gender-neutral baby shower? Leave me a comment below or on BBJ Linen’s Facebook page to let me know!

victorian-esque chairs





Event Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:

Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event / Averyhouse

Linen used:

Table Runner: Yellow Lamour

Napkin: Yellow Lamour

Elastic Chair Pad Cover: Yellow Lamour

Table Linen: White Lamour