September, 06, 2014

How to Dress Up Hi-Boy Tables

For your event, you’ll undoubtedly have your basic tablescape designs down. However, if you’ve decided to use hi-boy tables at your event, you may be wondering how to dress them up. Don’t worry! I get this question a lot, and I’ve created a guide for you to follow for three simple styles: the base wrap, the overlay with bow wrap, and wrap the pole. Wondering how to get the look for yourself? Follow our guide for how to dress up your hi-boy tables.


Base Wrap

The base wrap is one of the easiest and most effective ways to dress up a hi-boy table. To begin the base wrap design, center your rental linen on the table. Next, tie a knot on the pedestal, then push it down to the base. Here, you’ll want to make sure the knot is tight. Now, wrap the tie around the base of the pedestal. You’ll wrap one end of the table tie all the way around and tuck it in. Do the same wrapping technique with the other side of the chair and tuck it in. Make sure there’s no part of the tablecloth visible in the wrap to create a smooth, clean look.

View the instructional video here.

Overlay with Bow Wrap

The bow wrap on a hi-boy table is a sweet touch, perfect for a traditional wedding. Begin this hi-boy look by placing your rental table linen down. Next, place your overlay linen on top. Tie these two fabrics together in a half knot. Pull your ends tight, then tie a bow and fluff up the ends. This table linen idea may be simple, but it creates a chic and stylish table design!

View the instructional video here.

Table Cuff

The Table Cuff is a simple wrap that gives tables a uniform look. For this, you will simply take your table cuff, wrap it around your hi-boy table and, using the attached Velcro, secure the wrap. The table will now have a tailored look your guests will love!

Dress up hi-boy tables table cuff

Barrel Wrap

The Barrel Wrap only requires two to four straight or pearl pins. To get this look, you’ll use a table linen and chair tie or runner. To get the customized look, you’ll pin the tie or runner on the lip of the table, wrap the linen around and pin a few more times for added stability.

barrel wrap - how to dress up hi-boy tables

Wrap the Pole

The wrap the pole hi-boy design is a contemporary and fun way to dress up your table. To get the look, center your table cloth on the hi-boy table. Next, fold a chair tie in half and wrap it around the table. Cross the ends, then tie a half knot and move it roughly a third of the way down the table. Pull your ends tight, then begin wrapping the chair tie around the pedestal. Complete the same wrapping style for the other side. As you’re wrapping, make sure none of the table cloth fabric gets into your tie. Finally, tuck the chair tie into the wrap. Smooth out your rental table linen at the bottom, and you’re done!

View the instructional video here.

The Latest Hi-Boy Table Fabrics for This Season

Now that you know some amazing ways to dress up your tables, you’re probably wondering which rental table linen you should use. Well, luckily, this fall is bringing a ton of stunning patterns, like the Halo and Cotier lines. These fabrics are available in shades like blue, silver, gold and champagne, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love!


To see more examples of gorgeous hi-boy table designs, as well as new fabrics and prints, check out BBJ Linen’s Instagram page!

Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:
Nadine Froger Photography

Table Linen: Black Chic Reversed
Table Linen: Black Bengaline
Chair Tie: White Shantung

Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:
Revel Decor / Bridgeport Art Center

Table Linen: Silver Cotier
Table Cuff: Black Compass

Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:
Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event

Table Linen: Turquoise Lamour
Table Runner: Caspian Miramar
Table Linen: Gold Lamour
Table Runner: Champagne Aria