March, 13, 2011

How to Do a Wrap-Around Fold with Linen Table Napkins

This is a great, simple napkin fold that will bring the spotlight to your chargers from BBJ Linen. How great is that?! It’ll take you no time at all, but you’ll get a gorgeous napkin fold that makes your entire tablescape shine. Want to get this look for your table? Follow along with our video and instructions! You’ll have the stunning wrap-around fold in no time!

What You Need

  • Napkin
  • Plate

Get the Look

Step 1: Lay your napkin flat on the table with the good side facing down. This means the side with the pattern or the shiny side. Step 2: Fold the napkin up about two inches. Step 3: Repeat this over and over until you have no napkin left. You can make the fold one or three inches, as long as you’re consistent with all your napkins Step 4: Wrap the napkin around your plate. This could be a small salad plate or a larger dinner plate. Step 5: You can also place a menu, flower or name card here if you’d like. We hope you found our instructions for the Wrap-Around fold helpful and enjoyable! BBJ Linen provides rental linen, chair ties, overlays, table runners, chair covers, chargers, dishes and table accessories. Looking to buy tablecloths or napkins? Check out our online table linen retail store. Here is to your beautiful looking events and fantastic tables that will blow your guests away! All the best, The BBJ Linen Design Team.