May, 13, 2014

How to Design Wedding Tables

I’ve already told you how much I love wedding table designs for the personality and customization they bring to the big day—and that’s why I love to impart tablescape advice at any chance I get! I understand that each bride has her own wedding day style, which is why I’ve created two table design options: simple and elegant. See which one could work for you!

Minimalistic and Understated

You’re a bride who enjoys the simple things in life, so when it comes to your wedding tables, you want to keep the look as quaint as possible. For clean, uncomplicated wedding tables, it’s all about choosing the right centerpiece design. Start with some basic table linen in white and add a runner in a neutral tone, like cream, tan or paloma gray. Then, add in your centerpiece items. I love the idea of using glass bottles and jars in all sizes and adding flowers and candles throughout. Mix up the lengths of your flowers’ stems and your candle sizes. For example, you can use single-stem daisies and candlesticks combined with bunches of baby’s breath and floating tea lights. The mix-and-match feeling is eclectic, yet it really blends well with the simple wedding table design.

Extravagant and Lavish

While you appreciate the simple table linen style, some brides want to add in a little bit of glitz for your wedding table design. Sound like you? Start with your basic tablecloth linen again, but this time, glam it up a little. Choose a runner in a complementary color and pattern—like the mercury sequin—for a posh touch. For this table design, you’ll still want to focus on the centerpiece, but because you have such lavish table linen in place, you can choose something as quaint as a circular bouquet of roses in an antique golden vase. The overall look will be completely stunning, I guarantee you!

The Common Ground: The Napkin

No matter what type of wedding table you want to create, one thing can make any wedding table design look cohesively chic: the napkin. Your napkins are a crucial component of not just your table linen, but your wedding table as a whole because they show you took the time to take care of every last detail. They may be small, but, with the right fold, they can tie a look together. Choose from the classic fold, the long fold, the menu fold or the tuxedo fold for an overall polished wedding table setting.

For more examples of wedding table designs, check out BBJ Linen’s Instagram page!