March, 13, 2011

How to Customize Table Linen Base Wraps for Hi-Boy Pedestals

If you’re using hi-boy tables at your event, you may be looking for ideas to dress them up with rental table linen and accessories. In this video series, you will learn the art of customizing the table linen for your pedestal hi-boy. Click on the photo to be taken to the appropriate video.

Hi-Boy Base Wrap


HI-Boy Base Wrap by BBJ Linen[/caption] This table wrap is incredibly stylish, yet it’s still simple to create! All you’ll need is the rental table linen of your choice and a chair tie you can wrap around the hi-boy table.

Hi-Boy Overlay with Bow Wrap


HI-Boy Overlay With Bow Wrap by BBJ Linen[/caption] The Overlay with Bow wrap is another easy yet elegant way to bring a customized flair to your hi-boy tables! All you’ll need is the rental table cloth and overlay of your choice and an accenting chair tie. Remember, if you have multiple tables, tie your bow at the same spot on each!

Hi-Boy Wrap the Pole


Hi-Boy Wrap the Pole by BBJ Linen[/caption] The Wrap the Pole is one of the favorite hi-boy designs here at BBJ Linen! We love how sleek it looks, especially with a rental table linen in a chic pattern or color.

Hi-Boy Wrap the Pole and Overlay

]Hi-Boy with Overlay

Hi-Boy Wrap the Pole and Overlay by BBJ Linen[/caption] This hi-boy design follows the same idea is the Wrap the Pole, but it simply uses an overlay for a fun, glamorous addition. We hope you enjoyed our ideas! If you ever need any table cloths, napkins or other rental linen items, check out our online table linen retail store. We provide rental linen, table runners, chair covers, chair ties, overlays, chargers, dishes and table accessories. For additional inspiration for decorating your hi-boy tables, visit our blog, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages. Here is to your beautiful looking events and tables! Best, The BBJ Linen Design Team