March, 13, 2011

How to Customize Serpentine Table Linens for Special Events

Serpentine tables are growing in popularity‚ many people often use them as buffet tables, sweetheart tables and much more. To make your serpentine tables stand out, customize them with swagging! As you customize your serpentine table, you may find that the biggest challenge is determining what size your table is and what cloth to use. There are two basic sizes of serpentine tables‚ six feet and eight feet. Measure them on the outer larger end of the table to make sure you have an accurate measurement.

What You Need

  • Serpentine table
  • Rental table linen
  • Pins

Get the Look

Step 1: Place the base linen on the table. Center the linen and make sure there is even fabric distribution on both sides. Step 2: Find your center point. The center point is the spot of the linen you’re going to hold on to with your left hand. At BBJ Linen, we grab the middle of the linen to help the linen hit the floor at the right length. Step 3: Gather the linen. You’ll want to keep holding on to the spot with your left hand as you gather the linen with your right hand. As you’re gathering the folds, they do not have to be the same length. Step 4: Pin your first swag, then repeat until you’ve customized the entire table. Step 5: Gently tuck any extra linen under the table. Want to see more ideas of how you can enhance your tablescape design? Check out our other blogs, or connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s to your spectacular serpentine tables! The BBJ Linen Design Team