March, 13, 2011

How to Customize, Pin & Swag Table Overlay Linens for Events


Want to learn how to swag or customize your overlay? Follow this video! Even though we show swaging on a serpentine table, the techniques we teach here are the same techniques used to customize your table linen on any type of table, including a standard table, cake table and more.

What You Need

  • Table
  • Base rental table linen
  • Table overlay
  • Pins

Get the Look

Step 1: Place the base linen on the table. Center the linen by making sure the seam runs down the center. Step 2: Find the center of your cloth, and start at the center. Step 3: Find the point where you will pin. Raise the linen off the floor. You may need to adjust it a few times. Step 4: Start swagging by gathering the linen. Keep holding on to the beginning spot as you gather linen with your hand. Step 5: Start pinning. Keep your left hand underneath and pin with your right hand. Step 6: Now you will swag your overlay. Place the overlay on the table and center it. Step 7: Find the center front spot of the overlay. Grab the linen 10 inches off the floor, and hold it with your left hand as you gather with your right. Step 8: Start pinning your overlay. You will have a little fabric that hangs down for an elegant look. Step 9: Now, customize your swag. Tuck up the base of your swag, then smooth out your swag by starting at the center, then work your way out. BBJ Linen provides rental linen, chair covers, chair ties, table runners, overlays, chargers, dishes, table accessories, such as napkin rings and more. For more tablescape inspiration, make sure to check out BBJ Linen’s blog, Facebook and Instagram pages. Here is to beautiful looking events and fantastic tables that will blow your guests away! All the best, The BBJ Linen Design Team