January, 17, 2014

How To Create Wedding Table Decorations

Weddings are supposed to be a fun, carefree time, but you and I both know sometimes how hard the planning process can be. You have so many things to keep track of‚ dresses, the menu, the music and so many other details! Luckily, I’ve got ideas for one part of your big day covered for you: your wedding table decorations. Wedding tables are all about showing your personality, so I’ve outlined a few ideas that may fit your style.

Decadent Elegance

wedding-table-centerpiece-decorationsI am all about the glitz, which is why I love all things elegant for wedding day tables. To achieve this look for your big day, you can fill cylinder wine glasses with water and top them off with votive candles in your wedding color, or choose the classic flower route by displaying enormous bouquets of roses or peonies. Be sure to display these items on a polished table linen rental with a gorgeous table overlay for added glam. Either option will make your tables seem luxurious!

Down-Home Simplicity

While I love decadent, lavish weddings, I adore simple ones just as much. They’re simplistic, yet still stylish‚ definitely one of my favorite looks. To create an old-fashioned atmosphere, it’s all about mason jars! Whether they’re painted or plain, these jars aren’t just for canning anymore; they make for adorable table decorations. You can also place flowers in a jar for a timeless look.

For a more economical and eco-friendly option, you can recycle tin soup cans into centerpieces‚ seriously! Just paint up the tin cans in a dark gold color, or cover them in lace as a charming touch.

Get In Touch With Nature

If you’re a bride who loves the great outdoors, you may want to represent that love in your wedding table decorations. For understated wedding decorations, you can fill clear cylinder vases with orange slices, or place a few pink and orange daisies in water-filled oval vases. If you love fresh flowers, tie together a freshly picked bouquet of whatever flowers are in your area and place them in a jar tied with twine. On a neutral table overlay, these au natural table decorations will be the center of attention.

Bride on a Budget

When you’re trying to plan a wedding within a specific price range, you know how challenging it can be to stay within budget, especially with your wedding tables. Luckily, wedding centerpieces can be whatever you want them to be, including random items you may find. Lately, I’ve been seeing brides use unique items on their tables, like perfume bottles, wine bottles with candles, birdcages‚ the options are endless and affordable! Spread out on a classic rental table linen, and these items will shine as centerpieces.

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Event Planner/Styling/Photo Credit: Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event / Marcin Cymmer