May, 13, 2014

How to Choose Your Wedding Napkins‚ and Fold Them

When it comes to planning a wedding, it really is all about the details. You already decided on the color of your big day, any specialty food items and maybe even your table cloths, but why not take your wedding personalization to the next level with napkins? I’m not talking about the kind you can pick up at your local store, either; I’m talking luxury wedding napkins. You know, the kind that really says, “This event is special.” And it is, isn’t it? With the right napkin accompanying your table linen, your tables will look absolutely elegant.

Napkin Ideas

quality cloth and napkin foldsBefore you even get started deciding on your napkin selection process, you may be thinking that quality cloth napkins are completely out of your budget. I promise you, they’re definitely not! When you choose rental napkins, you’ll find that they’re a small cost that can make a big impact for your special day, and they’re worth it.

All right—now let’s get started on actually picking out those napkins. When choosing your napkins, you’ll have to see what will work best with your table linen. If you chose a heavy pattern, like floral, for your table cloth, you should choose a solid napkin, and vice versa. Napkins are accents to the table, after all, so you’ll want to keep that in mind during the picking process.

Learning the Napkin Folds

I know what you’re thinking: “OK, so now I have these napkins. Now, how in the world do I fold them to be as fancy as what I’ve seen in magazines or online?” Don’t worry—we’ve all been there! Luckily, you can find so many video tutorials on the Internet that will walk you through the napkin folding process step by step —and for many styles. Some of the most popular napkin folds include:

To decide which one is right for you, evaluate your table linen once again. Is it flashy and extravagant? You might want a classic napkin fold. Did you decide on table cloths with a more demure pattern or color? You might want to choose a fold that allows for a napkin accent, like a ring, for an added touch of glamour.

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