May, 13, 2014

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Weddings are all about expressing yourself‚ and what better way to do that than with your color scheme? With endless colors (and color combinations) from which you can choose, though, you may be feeling overwhelmed, and, well, anything but colorful. I know how difficult it can be to choose your wedding color (it’s so important to your big day, after all!), so I’m here to help you decide which color best suits your charisma! Take a look to see if my descriptions match up to how you want your big day to be.


The pink bride has a dreamy air about her and, of course, loves to love and show off affections‚ and a pink wedding is a charming way to show off that personality. Pink has long been one of the most popular wedding colors for brides‚ and why wouldn’t it be? The color is so sweet and absolutely romantic, making it a just-right choice for a wedding color. Recently, brides have been gravitating toward the blush pink color scheme, like Megan did for her pink and gold wedding. For her wedding, she used gold table top linen rentals to complement the pink, and the same idea could look just as sweet for your special day.

Black and White

If you’re a bride that exudes grace, style and elegance, a black and white wedding will suit you perfectly. These colors may be more basic, but, combined together, they create an air of beauty and brilliance that’s unmatched. With a gorgeous spread of black table linen and white accents, your wedding will be as sophisticated as you are.


While green isn’t necessarily the first shade that may come to mind for a wedding, it’s growing in popularity! Are you known for your zest for life and your affection for outdoor activities? You could be a green bride! Perfect for outdoor and indoor weddings alike, a green wedding gives off a sense of vitality and spiritedness‚ just like you! Wondering how green will translate for your wedding decor if you’re doing an indoor wedding? With your table top linen rentals, of course. Choose table linen in contrasting dark and light green, or opt for one shade and use a shimmery gold as an accent color.

Something Else!

Don’t see a color that really fits you and your partner’s style? Choose something completely different! You can, of course, break outside the box and choose a color scheme that’s less done. Can’t decide on just one color? Try a bright color combination‚ dazzling blue and freesia, cayenne and gold, or radiant orchid and cream‚ or you could even do the whole rainbow! Your unique color scheme will look fresh, not over-the-top. Because your color (or colors!) is less common, your wedding will seem especially exciting.

Want to see more examples of wedding color ideas? Check out BBJ Linen’s Pinterest or Instagram pages!