December, 31, 2014

Hosting the Year’s Most Unforgettable Pop Culture Party

If your favorite show is coming back on this month, what better time to plan an over-the-top bash celebrating the return of your faves? Planning a pop-culture centered party is one fun way to kick off the year, especially since all of the holiday fun has died down and it can be easy to fall into a rut. Here are our favorite ideas for throwing a pop culture party to commemorate the return of your favorite show‚ or even one that’s based on the general themes of your favorite show.

your favorite show is coming back on this month

The Celebrity Apprentice

Have all of your guests dress up like Donald Trump or their favorite contestant from the past seasons or current edition. Plan the décor to look like a boardroom, but with an elegant twist‚ for instance, instead of many long tables, plan one large table decorated with table runners to mimic the conference table on the show. Have people make predications about who they think will win this season and what they think will happen.


Though this one isn’t premiering a new season, it is finally premiering on Netflix, so gather your best pals, meet up at Central Perk, and have a fun viewing party. Choose menu items based on Monica’s dishes she made as a chef, plan the décor to be inspired by the way the girls’ apartment looked‚ for instance, use purple linen to give the feel of the purple walls, with gold plates for the infamous picture frame on their door.

The Bachelor

Plan a formal event and gather your best girlfriends to find out who the lucky women are this season. Pretend you’re hosting your own rose ceremony and have everyone wear their fanciest dress for a fun step into this reality series, and serve champagne for added luxury.


Lena Dunham’s smash hit series is back in January as well. Set in New York, it’s easy to plan a luxurious event around this one. Serve New York-style pizza, a deli spread, and other quintessential New Yorker fare, like black and white cookies.

More General Theme Parties

If you’re not necessarily looking forward to one show in particular but you love the overall anticipation of these sorts of premieres, host your own premiere party. Make miniature Hollywood slates as markers for where your guests should sit, set up a red carpet at the entrance of your event to make your attendees feel like they’re attending something really special. You can have the theme be television and have everyone dress as their favorite television character, or set each table to be themed to a different show‚ for example, have one table be draped in an icy blue shade as an homage to the wildly-successful show Breaking Bad. Have another table feature jungle-print linen as a call to the long-running show Survivor. Be creative, or poll your guests and find out which table they’d like to sit at.

Planning a pop culture party gives you the chance to break free from the normal themes that pop up during winter months. Take this chance to decorate a little more daring than normal. Call BBJ today for more ideas on how to plan the perfect pop culture party and to browse our entire inventory.

Photo Credit: Anthony Gowder Designs, Inc
Products Used: Raspberry Classic Table Linen & Zebra Overlay