May, 13, 2014

Host a Springtime Baby Shower

Springtime is all about ushering in the new. With such a fresh approach, can you think of a better time to have a baby than during the spring months? If you’re due to give birth, first of all, congratulations! I know you’re probably in the midst of planning a baby shower (or at least getting started with the planning), so I’ve outlined some simple ideas for a brunch shower that won’t rain on your parade!

Color Scheme

Old baby bottles fashioned to hold yellow rosesBaby showers usually come in one of two varieties: blue or pink. With more mothers-to-be opting not to learn their baby’s gender before birth, though, neutral colors are taking the spotlight for baby showers. Leading the pack? Red, blue and yellow.

In combination with one another, these primary colors create a crisp, clean mood, exactly what you’ll want for your springtime baby shower.

Start using these colors with your decorations and table linen items. Look for some old-school glass baby bottles and fill them blossoming yellow roses, creamy white peonies and blue baby’s breath—these impromptu vases will be an adorable touch to the decor! Choose a linen napkin, fashioned in a bow-fold and secured with a silver buckle to round out your table decor.

Now, to add the red in. To compliment the table colors, add a pop of vibrant red in your chairs to create an interesting contrast to the look. You can search for these bright chairs, a chair cover can work just as effectively.

Food Selection

Getting together with your closest friends to celebrate those big life milestones is wonderful, but I think we can all agree that celebrating with food is even better! Bring the food-and-fun atmosphere by hosting brunch at your baby shower. Your mommy friends can share their parenting tips over your delectable brunch options. Make your menu an equal mix of savory and sweet by offering heartier items, like farmer’s market vegetables, cheese, hummus and crackers, as well as sugary foods, like French toast with maple syrup, fruit compote and whipped cream. You can choose a neutral table linen and overlay to really let the food take center stage.

food options at a baby shower

Giving Back

When you throw a baby shower, guests want to focus the attention on you and your little bundle of joy, but you can still give them a little something back in return! Almost everyone loves desserts, so why not give them a little sweetness they can take home? Spread a table linen with a lacy overlay down on a table, and set up a spread of to-go confections. For those moms who have revealed the baby’s gender, you can fill mini mason jars with either blush pink or baby blue M&Ms. White chocolate pretzel sticks or vanilla cake balls can be more neutral take-home options, too. Whatever you choose, people will go gaga over it!

What ideas do you have for a spring baby shower? Let me know on BBJ’s Facebook or Twitter!

baby shower food dessert


Event Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:

Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event / Edyta Grazman Photography

Products used:

Table runner: Nile Sonnet Table Runner

Napkin: Nile Blue Lamour Napkin

Napkin Ring: Brushed Prescott Napkin Ring Accessories