September, 06, 2014

Go from Drab to Fab: Transform Your Venue with Linen

One of the most stressful and hectic things about planning a wedding is finding the perfect venue. While some people have no problem envisioning what décor can do for a blank, drab space, I’m not one of them. It can be difficult to see a beige room without much character and imagine how that space can be transformed into something magical that will make your big day something you’ll never forget. No matter what you have in mind, using table linens from BBJ Linen can completely change a boring-looking room into something you’ll never forget.


Enhance tablescapes with napkins, charger plates and centerpiecesOften, the tables in non-descript venues are those fake-wood laminate tables; they don’t really inspire much awe. If you’re having a hard time imagining how those tables will ever match up with the wedding you have planned in your mind, remember that you won’t be sitting at bare tables when you have your reception. Not only will table linens cover up the blah-looking laminate tabletop, you can create gorgeous tablescapes with things like napkins, charger plates, centerpieces and so much more. Luxe-feeling, rich-looking table linens can completely change the way a room looks—but it’s not up to just the tables, of course! Putting a tablecloth on a table and doing nothing else in the room isn’t enough—so what else can you do to transform your space into your dream wedding venue?

Adorn the Chairs

Of course, the chairs are just for sitting, but like the tables, if they’re boring or uncovered, they can bring down the look of the entire room. Metal legs and puffy vinyl seats aren’t what you want for your wedding day—instead, cover up those harsh finishes with chair covers in coordinating colors to your table linens, and top them off with a chair tie for an additional flair. Once you’ve got the tables and chairs decked out, move onto the rest of the room. Plain walls are something you don’t want, but of course, you can’t exactly go into a venue and paint it to your liking. Instead, work on alternative ways of decorating the room.

Drapery and Other Decor

Visualize and decorate a room to you tastesLook into draping and lighting for sprucing up the rest of the room. Think about the mood you want to invoke when people attend your wedding, and work from there. At BBJ, we have a virtual design center that can help you visualize what a table will look like when it’s decorated to your liking, and once you’ve chosen that look, you can work on how to decorate the walls. Many wedding planners and brides choose to use fabric draping or other décor on the walls to inspire a more ethereal feeling in the room—perfect if your venue is a place with plain white or beige walls. Talk to your wedding planner for more tips on how you can change the look of a space using linen and other creative décor.

Have you had experience transforming a space from drab to fab? Let us know about it in the comments!