May, 31, 2013

Getting Creative with DIY Friendly Menu & Placecards

When you’re planning a special event, all the little details that make your final design come together can seem endless, right? Yeah, we know. However- one detail that’s making a big design impact on your overall event tablescape is your menu presentation. Don’t let it be boring! It’s an opportunity to really highlight your design sensibility.

Case in point: bring your rental linen pattern into your menu and place cards for a delightful surprise, or choose a hot pattern in a complimentary color (like the mandarin Moroccan print seen in our photo). We’re in love with the look- and using the tines of the fork to hold the placecard is a creative display option.

And here’s the best part: this feature it completely DIY friendly, and that always means great things for your budget. Stumped on how to pull it off? Mosey on over to The Budget Savvy Bride, where we found this cool tutorial.