December, 31, 2014

Get the Look with Linen: The ’20s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s , ’80s & ’90s

As I search for tablescape inspiration, I often turn to the past! Of course, I would have to say the ’80s were my favorite (I’m a sucker for pink!), but I know you may have another time in mind that you’d like to recreate for the table at your next event. That’s why I’ve broken down looks from all the major decades‚ the ’20s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. See which style you like the most, and follow my guide to get the look!

The ’20s

Gold rental table linen emulates the flashy days of the 1920s

The ’20s were all about glitz and glamour, so you’ll want to use a shiny table linen to match. Pair a gold sequin table cloth with light pink accessories for the right amount of contrast.

Products used:

Table Cloth: Stone Shantung

Table Overlay: Gold Corsica Sequin

Napkin: Stone Shantung

The ’50s

A brocade rental table linen works perfectly for a '50s theme event.

Photo by Robin Carlson

To get a ’50s-inspired look for your event, you’ll want to use rental table linen in soft colors with gorgeous designs. Luckily, the Nile Danube Damask table cloth fits the bill! To complete the look, use silver bowls filled with yellow roses, green grapes, green apples and decorative leaves. Accent with tall candles in cylindrical holders.

Table Cloth: Nile Danube Damask

Napkins: Ivory Hemstitch

The ’60s

'60s-inspired looks use bold patterns and bright colors, like citron.

Photo by Victoria Sprung Photography

A great ’60s table design combines rental table linen in fun colors with bold patterns, like the Leaf Miramar. Complete your look with a striped mason jar filled with fresh flowers as your centerpiece and green candle holders as accents.

Table Cloth: Citron Lamour

Table Runner: Leaf Miramar

The ’70s

The Citron Delirium Shantung rental table linen pattern has a fun vibe that's great for a 1970s look.

Photo by Inije Photography & Films

A ’70s tablescape mixes bright colors with neutrals, as seen here in the Citron Delirium Shantung pattern layered over the yellow base linen. Add exotic floral arrangements and white chairs to round out the look.

Table Cloth: Yellow Lamour

Table Cloth: Citron Delirium Shantung

The ’80s

1980s-inspired tablescape designs use lots of bright rental table linen.

Photo by Carmody Photo

When I think of the ’80s designs, I think of bright colors‚ so this magenta and sapphire look fits the theme. The look is exciting without going overboard. To balance your look, use simple centerpieces, like purple orchids in clear vases.

Table Cloth: Cerise Lamour

Table Cloth: Sapphire Lamour

Chair Pad Covers: Sapphire Lamour

The ’90s

This '90s tablescape design uses neon patterns for its tablecloth and subdued accessories.

Photo by Ben Quillinan Photography

If you love the ’90s, you probably love fun patterns! Try the Neon Geometric linen for to get lots of color for your table. For your table accessories, you can use a terrarium filled with pink flowers and pink tea light candles in clear holders for a simple yet stunning look.

Table Cloth: Neon Geometric

Napkin: Cerise Lamour

What look did you choose? Leave a comment to let me know!