January, 17, 2014

Get in the Green: Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Party

Top of the morning to ya! I know it may be a little early for all this enthusiasm, but I can’t help it—I’m already counting down the days until we can go green for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s such a fun day, after all. The food, the friends, the festive clothing and decor—what more could you want from a holiday? Whether you’re Irish or just want to pretend like you are for the day, a St. Patrick’s Day party is a fun way to enjoy the company of those with whom you’re closest. Throwing this party shouldn’t be hard, either; here are some tips that will get you feeling green in no time!

Setting the Scene

Decorations for a St. Patrick’s Day should be fun, cheerful and, most importantly, carefree. After all, you’ll want to spend the day focused on enjoying the company of your friends. To keep your party low-key yet fashionable, you can put together a few understated designs. Rent some tabletop linen in shades of green (naturally!), print out some shamrocks as table decorations and let the St. Patrick’s Day magic happen. I’ve even seen some parties stick to just the essentials, like green table linen napkins. Whichever decoration option you choose, you can go minimalistic for this party.

Having Irish Fun

St. Patrick’s Day is about staying as lighthearted as possible. As a host, that means you don’t have to make any hugely extravagant plans; instead, you can just let the day unfold and see where it takes you! Of course, the day already brings a few activities of its own. From parades to festivals, most cities have some kind of St. Patrick Day celebrations going on. Whether you and your guests venture out to partake in the day’s events or you stay put at your home, you’re sure to have fun no matter what.

Fun Foods

My favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day? Indulging in all the delicious themed goodies for the day! To set your festive food table, you may want to stick with the color of the day with green food items, like celery and cucumbers with dip or vanilla cupcakes with green icing. Of course, not everything has to be green. You can set up some classic beef and cabbage or soda bread. You can also let your guests taste the rainbow with a fruit platter of a variety of fruits in multiple colors, like red delicious apple slices, oranges, bananas, blueberries and more. For your food table, you can choose green table linen, of course, or you can opt for renting tabletop linen in a gold shade for a little bit of contrast.

As for drinks, you may want to stick with all things Irish—and what’s more Irish than Jameson Whiskey and Guinness beer? To keep your guests feeling green, whip up some Irish car bombs or set up a bucket of ice with the Guinness beer (or both!). For those who won’t be consuming alcohol, prepare batches of green mocktails, like the St. Patrick-tinis or green lemonade.

To leave your guests on a sweet note, prepare take home bags of gold coins or gold-wrapped Rolos. Trust me—they’ll feel lucky they have you as a friend!

What do you have planned for your St. Patrick’s Day party? Let me know on BBJ Linen’s Facebook or Twitter page!