August, 19, 2015

Five Must-Haves at Your Next Black Tie Event

Wow your guests with these 5 tips for planning a black tie event

When you plan a black tie event, there are some things that guests will likely expect: formal dress, a lavish venue, champagne, and overall luxury. With that luxury is an almost obsessive amount of attention to detail, with no leaf unturned. If you’re planning a black tie event, and you really want to wow your guests, these are five things you should absolutely include to ensure that atmosphere permeates the event.

Have guests experience luxury with bar decor, menu cards and convenient service like valet, coat check and shuttles

1) Valet Service

When guests arrive to a black tie event, the luxury should start before they even set foot inside the venue. Having valet staff onsite to take care of parking means that guests can get out of their cars directly at the entrance of the venue‚ no walking a long way in high heels, for instance. Make sure guests know the service is free for them to use, as well.

2) Coat Check and Washroom Attendants

Guests should also have access to a coat check, and providing things like gum, hairspray, and perfume/cologne in washrooms is always a nice touch. Your event should have attendants for the coat check and in the washrooms.

3) Shuttles to Lodging

This is more of a detail that refers to after the event is over, but providing shuttles from your event to area hotels can be a nice touch. Especially if guests have been drinking, this removes the hassle of finding transportation to a place to stay, and shows that you, the planner, have addressed every potential situation.

4) Menu Cards

Menu cards add another touch of upscale allure to a black tie event. Many events simply have guests check in advance (with their RSVP cards) the menu item they would prefer to have. At a black tie event, though, there should be menu cards to remind guests what will be served, as this will entice them for the meal.

5) Bar Décor

Finally, this is a minor detail, but one that shouldn’t be ignored all the same. Many venue bars lack proper attention when it comes to décor, because they are mostly utilitarian fixtures. At a black tie event, make sure it’s decorated in accordance with the rest of the event, lest it look tacky, out of place, or garish. Simply draping some of the linen used on the event tables over the bar can help tie it together. 

What are your must-haves for a black tie event?