January, 17, 2014

Festive Food and Drinks for Your Holiday Table

Winter decor usually reflects nature, from soft white tablecloth linen to cool blues, silvers and shades of cream. These colors are beautiful on their own, sure, but they also give you the perfect blank canvas for incorporating a few distinct, colorful elements in your tablescape. Before your next holiday get-together, try to think outside the centerpiece and whip up some menu items with colors that pop.

Brighten Up with Orange

Some of the most popular tablecloth linen colors for winter celebrations are neutral tones like ivory and icy blues, which are the ideal complement for a bright, sunny color like orange. Anything you serve up in a shade of orange is sure to attract attention on your tablescape, so incorporate a little color here and there to balance out the softer hues.

As far as food goes, plenty of traditional seasonal offerings have a natural orange glow—roast butternut squash, pumpkin and glazed baby carrots are just a few examples.

You can also whip up a specialty holiday cocktail for your next soiree. The combination of clementine, vodka, triple sec and lemon found in the winter sun cocktail, for example, looks as bright and cheery as it tastes, and when your ingredients are pre-squeezed, you can mix them up in a snap.

Red, Gold and Green

Colorful food: festive mood and treats, including decorated-table-linens
Red, gold and green have a long history as traditional holiday colors, but even without that in mind, they all go beautifully with the neutral tablecloth linen colors frequently chosen this time of year.

First up, red. Because it’s such a bold, warm color, you don’t need much to make it really pop against a softer-colored tablescape. Not a lot of red foods are synonymous with the holidays—unless Santa stuffs your stocking with bell peppers, anyway—but red velvet cake is an exception that hardly anyone will argue with. Adorn your dessert table with red velvet cupcakes to give it a little pizzazz, or sweeten up a cocktail with a splash of cranberry or grenadine.

Next, gold. Gold is a frostier, more subtle hue, but one you can use to great effect nonetheless. These gold macaroons, for example, are the perfect way to add a little color without going over the top.

Finally, green. Green is one of the easiest colors to incorporate in your spread, and it perfectly complements almost any of the most popular winter tablecloth linen colors. While obvious choices include foods like Brussels sprouts and green beans, be creative—a minty green cocktail with a miniature candy cane garnish will really pop against your tablescape.

Looking for more ways to incorporate bold colors in your winter table design? Take a look at our Winter Weddings Pinterest board for more inspiration from the designers here at BBJ Linen.