September, 06, 2014

Event Menu Ideas: Sit-Down, Buffet and Unconventional

As you’re planning your event, you’ve got quite a few things to consider: rental table linen, décor and, of course, the menu. Deciding on the food you should serve can be overwhelming because you have so many options. No need to worry, though—I’ve outlined a variety of meal styles, as well as dessert and drinks, for you! See which one will work for you.

Sit-Down Dinner

Sit-down dinners are a classic option for many events. For these, you can have servers offer your guests the following:

  • Down-home barbeque food—This wedding menu is all about staying relaxed without compromising taste. A great menu would include wedge salad, grilled and fried chicken, BBQ pork, baked macaroni and cheese, string beans and corn
  • Seafood— Pair dishes like maple-glazed salmon, bacon-wrapped scallops, mini fish tacos, bite-sized lobster rolls with delicious sides, including baby spinach salad, mushroom couscous and grilled vegetables.
  • Mix of everything—For this menu option, you can offer everything guests will love, including caprese salad, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, grilled skirt steak, sautéed kale, rosemary polenta, seasoned vegetables and more.

Drinks & dessert are best delivered on fine crafted charger plates

Buffet Style

Buffet style lets everyone try his or her favorite dishes. Offer everyone’s favorites, including:

  • Pasta bar—Pasta bars let everyone choose their favorite type of noodle. Include anything from bow tie pasta, ravioli, penne and tortellini, as well as a variety of sauces, like vodka, roasted red pepper and alfredo.
  • Meat station—This area allows guests to pick their favorite meats, like steak, pork, chicken and more. Make sure to include necessary sauces, like steak sauce, barbeque, glazes and gravies here, too.
  • Appetizer station—Before the big feast kicks off, your guests may need something to hold them over. For an appetizer station, you can offer caprese salad bites, turkey meatballs, zucchini bites, mini sushi boats, meat, cheeses and more. Spread all these items out on a sequin table linen for added flair.

Unconventional Ideas

No one said you have to follow any hard and fast rules for your big day! If you’re looking for a wedding menu that’s outside the box, try these options:

  • Take Out— For take out food, your options are endless. You could order out Italian, Chinese or even pizza! Trust me—everyone will love the chance to indulge. Just make sure to using an exquisite rental table linen to jazz up the dinner.
  • Brunch Wedding— Brunch weddings are a growing trend amongst brides. They’re low-key, yet still are all about having a great time! For this, you could serve guests anything from omelets, waffles, donuts and fresh fruit. Don’t forget the mimosas and orange juice!


Every good wedding menu needs the right drinks! In addition to beer and wine (and soda for the younger crowd!), batch cocktails are becoming a popular choice. Just whip them up ahead of time, bottle them and serve them on the big day! Try some of the following:

  • Gin and tonics
  • Whiskey sours
  • Lime margaritas
  • Peach bellinis
  • Lavender mojitos


Dessert is one of the best parts of weddings, in my opinion—and I know many other wedding-goers agree! These are two of my favorites:

  • Multi-layer wedding cake—This is the classic wedding dessert route. You can include all your favorite flavors, like vanilla bean, devil’s food, red velvet, raspberry swirl, carrot cake and so many more.
  • Cupcake station—Love all the above flavors, but would rather have an alternative? Try cupcakes. These single-serve desserts will be a hit with guests!

What is your favorite idea for a wedding menu? Let me know on BBJ Linen’s Facebook or Twitter!

Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:
Carasco Photography
Products Used:
Table Linen: Acorn Contour
Napkin: Taupe Lamour
Table Linen: Taupe Lamour

Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:
Carasco Photography
Products Used:
Table Linen: Taupe Lamour
Charger: Sea Sponge Gold