May, 13, 2014

Event Food Trend: Unique Presentation with Rental Table Linen

If you know me, you know I’m quite the foodie—which is why I’m obsessed with keeping up with the latest food trends, especially for event menus! Lately, I’ve noticed that trendsetting chefs are creating food options with design in mind. Here, I’ve outlined my three favorite in-fashion food options. See if they could work for your special day!

Lemon Lavender Custard

close-up-cucumber-sandwichesFirst cupcakes were the most buzzed-about dessert, and then cake pops took over the sweets scene. This year, spoon desserts are gaining ground. Especially popular? Custard. I love this lemon and lavender custard recipe. It’s ultra modern and chic while still maintaining a down-home goodness.

How to Present: With this one, you can take the presentation literally by serving the custard directly in carved-out lemons! It’s unconventional, sure, but it’s a fresh take in every sense of the word! Your guests will love how stylish the custard will look, especially when you place them on top of fresh white rental table linen—the bright yellow from the lemon will really shine!

Cucumber Sandwiches

You’ve probably seen cucumber sandwiches at parties. Well, this year, it’s all about turning that trend on its head. That’s right—for these cucumber sandwiches, you take cucumber slices to hold together a delectable cream cheese filling.

How to Present: This food trend is ultra modern with an artistic kick and is all about presentation. The sandwiches themselves are more basic, but when adorned with a carrot ribbon and an adorable skewer, they look incredibly elegant. Show off your refined sandwich design in unexpected ways, like this moss-covered serving tray. Be sure to use a neutral white rental table linen and overlays to keep the focus on the sandwich display.

Cucumber sandwich designs


Stylish Drink Displays

Tea is the beverage of 2014, so it makes as the perfect addition to your event’s drink menu. Hot water with lemon is also a crowd favorite.

How to Present: Presentation is especially important for your drinks. Opt for sleek steel pitchers to store each of your drinks. To inform guests what the drinks are, label each in an elegant picture frame. Take your presentation to new heights (literally!) by elevating the pitchers on decorative boxes. This table design is simple yet effective!

For more examples of food trends paired with rental table linen, check out BBJ Linen’s Instagram page!