August, 19, 2015

Evaluating Different Meeting Designs for Your Next Corporate Event

Plan and design decor for corporate events

When you plan a corporate event, the décor can make or break how well the meeting goes. Attendees are more likely to respect a professional, well-thought out event than one that looks haphazardly thrown together without much attention to detail. Corporate gatherings are often held as networking events or as celebrations of milestones within the business or industry, so it’s essential to design things in a way that is beneficial to the guests. Different meeting floor plans can foster different atmospheres at the event‚ find out more about how to best plan your event.

Boardroom Setup

Boardroom setups are ideal for smaller gatherings, for Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings, or discussion groups because they foster a good working atmosphere. These setups promote interaction between participants, so if you’re planning a corporate event with a small team to discuss new ideas or a networking event where you want people to get to know each other, this layout works well.

Hollow Square

Hollow square layouts are similar to the boardroom style, but are also idea for educational settings or presentations where information is given and also discussed by participants. It is an ideal choice for larger group discussions, so if boardroom style meetings are appealing to you but your event will have more than just a handful of attendees, this is optimal.

U-Shaped Seating

Another ideal setup for smaller meetings or presentations is the U-shaped layout. U-shaped layouts involve a series of conference tables set up in the shape of a U, with chairs around the outside. This layout is great for presentations or when there is a speaker and audio-visual presentation. The U-shape provides a focal point and is ideal for small and medium groups.

Banquet Seating

Banquet seating is an opportunity for guests to meet and discuss.

Banquet seating for corporate events is typically reserved for much bigger events‚ conventions, galas, and other large-scale gatherings. With this setup, you can plan for a variety of tables, either all one size or different sizes and shapes. Banquets are a great way to make attendees feel like they’re really being taken care of, and offer guests a way to get to know people they may not otherwise spend time with.

How did you design your last corporate event? Let us know about it.