January, 17, 2014

Design Tips for Getting Married in a Winter Wonderland

The mercury’s dropping and the snow is falling, and that means it’s time to start thinking about winter weddings. Over here at BBJ Linen, we’re suckers for winter nuptials—there’s just something about setting the romance and glamour of a wedding against an immaculate backdrop of fresh snowfall that makes our hearts, well, melt! Whether you’re picking out table linen or looking for winter-inspired accents to incorporate in your decor, we have a few ideas you can keep in mind.

Keep It In Neutral

Winter is when the world is blanketed in clean, pristine, fluffy white snow, and your wedding’s decor can take great advantage of it. Rather than overshadowing the beautiful stillness of the landscape with color, embrace it with neutral tones throughout your venue.

Table linen like tablecloth rentals, for example, mimic the snowy countryside in shades of white, ivory and cream. Offset these and other neutral tones like beige with pastels and carefully-chosen pops of color—you’ll be amazed how far a single blue or green accent can go on an otherwise-neutral table! Be careful, though, because if you pair green with red accents—flowers, for example—you could inadvertently end up with a Christmas-themed reception.

Don’t confuse neutral colors with boring design, either. We offer tablecloth rentals that liven up neutral hues with gorgeous patterns and even textured designs—the effect is perfectly subtle, infusing what at first appears ordinary with an elegant twist.

All That Glitters

A wedding with a snowy backdrop

If you’ve ever seen a fresh snowfall in the moonlight, you know that this is a season for sparkle. Silver, gold and glittery accents are absolutely perfect for bringing winter’s natural glimmer and glamour indoors, so look for accents like sparkling or sequined table linen and accessories.

Reflective surfaces are key here, so get creative—it isn’t all about crystal stemware. Mirrors, for example, are inexpensive and easy ways to reflect flickering candlelight throughout your venue.

Use Natural Accents

Nature inspired centerpieces, glassware and charm
We’ve mentioned before that we can’t resist the charm of natural accents, and wintertime weddings are no exception to our obsession. A few nature-inspired details go a long way, so choose ones that bring color and texture to the table—literally. Cinnamon stick tea stirs, evergreen pine needle centerpieces and even etched glassware that evokes a frosty window all bring the charming simplicity of the winter landscape into your venue.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our winter wedding Pinterest board for ideas, and share your own on Twitter @BBJlinen.