May, 13, 2014

Decorate Your South Asian Wedding

I love all kinds of weddings, but south Asian weddings will always hold a special place in my heart. With such color and liveliness, they always turn out to be absolutely gorgeous and timeless. If you’re a bride planning your own south Asian affair, I’ve broken down two wedding styles that can make your wedding sparkle.

The Color Scheme: Red, Purple and Gold

Because they’re so lush in color, red, purple and gold blend gorgeously together. To get your own ultra posh setting for your wedding, use this color trio as separates or combined.

By using a white and gold tablecloth, you can set the stage for the bold red and purple. Opt for one with a little luxe gold shimmer, and accent with Red Lamour Chair Ties. You can also choose a tablecloth that incorporates all three shades. Done either way, the combination looks lavish yet warm and inviting.

Red, purple and gold south asian wedding decoration colors

The Color Scheme: Light Pink, Green and Silver

More of an understated bride? Light pink, green and silver are perfect for you.

Whereas the red, gold and purple color scheme suggests decadence, the light pink and green hues invoke a sense of tranquility and modernity.

To set up your table decor, begin with a silver tablecloth with a hint of sheen. Add your pops of color in with charger plates (in marbella citron green), as well as your chair accessories and napkins (in azalea shantung). The green and pink completely stand out against the silver base, for a flawless finish.

Light pink, green and silver south asian wedding decoration colors

Tie It Together with Centerpieces

Whether you opt for the sumptuous red, purple and gold route or the lighthearted but equally beautiful light pink, green and silver theme, you can rely on centerpieces to tie the look together. For a pink and green wedding, your overall look is lighthearted, so you’ll want to make your centerpieces minimalistic yet still enticing. Think geometrically here—a shiny silver rectangular piece adorned with crystals and topped with mauve roses and green accents fits in line with your theme perfectly. For a more extravagant red, purple and gold-themed wedding, try florals—and lots of them! My favorites? Big, blossoming red and pink roses with lilac accents strewn about. You can place them in tall, elaborate glass vases, or you can create arrangements that sit directly on the table. Both centerpiece styles tie the table decor and color schemes together effortlessly.

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south asian wedding centerpieces

Event Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:

Parties Etc Inc / Yanni Design Studio

Products used:

Red, purple and gold wedding

Tablecloth: Ivory Luxe

Chair Tie: Red Lamour Chair Tie

Napkin: Gold Bengaline Napkin

Chair Pad: Ivory Lamour Elastic Chair Pad Cover

Light pink, green and silver wedding

Tablecloth: Silver Rhythm Table Linen

Chair Tie: Azalea Shantung Chair Tie

Chair Pad: Platinum Lamour Elastic Chair Pad Cover

Napkin: Azalea Shantung Napkin

Charger: Marbella Citron Green Charger