May, 13, 2014

Decor Ideas for Your Tent Wedding: Table Linen and More

I love the idea of tents. They may not be much more than cloth and metal poles, but they’re still a fun getaway. Luckily for me, tents are for much more than a summer camping trip! In fact, they’re now one of the hottest wedding trends for the summer. Wondering how you can use your wedding decorations to make a tent wedding truly stunning? I have all the decor ideas you’ll need, for everything from rental table linen to centerpieces and much more. Just follow my guide, and your guests will want to camp out all night at your wedding!

Posh Couches

Your tent for camping may not have had much more room for anything other than a few sleeping bags. When you use a tent to house your big day, however, you’ll have much more space!

That’s the beauty of tent weddings—they give you a cozy feeling while still providing you with all room you need for the caterer to prepare the meal, guests to sit comfortably and for you to add in a space for everyone to dance the night away! Of course, you can add in some other luxuries. My favorite? Couches. These aren’t something you see at everyone wedding, yet they just work for your tent soiree. I love the look of fluffy square-style sofas in a crisp white shade. No matter what color you choose for your decor and rental table linen and runners, these lounge areas will match and look stylish.

Stylish Chandelier

Your tent undoubtedly has one central point where it peaks, so why not accent that with something exquisite, like a lavish chandelier designed specifically for your wedding? After all, you have so many options here! From vintage to classic crystal chandelier (or a bunch of them!) designs, I love how all of these look as part of a tent wedding design. You can even coordinate them to your wedding color and rental table linen for a polished look.

Floral Centerpieces

While any centerpiece design would look gorgeous, I can’t get over how totally chic huge floral arrangements look for tent weddings! There’s just something ultra elegant about how a tall vase filled with fresh flowers, like bouquets of white peonies and blush pink roses or bunches of bright lavender, looks atop a nice lace table runner. I’ve even see brides take their floral centerpieces for tent weddings to new heights—literally! Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your high tent ceiling and hang your flowers from it. They’ll tie your whole wedding decor together in a sleek and trendy way!

How would you decorate a tent wedding? Leave me a comment on BBJ Linen’s Facebook page to let me know!