January, 17, 2014

Deck the Halls with a Twist This Christmas

Put on your Santa cap and stick a gift bow on the dog’s head, because the most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Christmas is a time for gathering and celebrating with loved ones—and, if you’re anything like me, maybe showing off your exquisite taste and world-class talent for gift-giving. Now, we can’t help you much with the gifts, but if you want to spruce up that table for Christmas dinner, we know just the way to do it.

Put a Twist on the Traditional

Choose red or green and use it for accent colors against a backdrop of white

Red and green, silver and gold—when did Christmas get so predictable?

This year, go for something a little unexpected by working with traditional holiday colors in non-traditional ways. Tired of red-and-green plaid tablecloths? Choose one of the two and use it for accent colors against a backdrop of white—preferably rental table linen, in case that gravy boat tips over before the guests arrive.

It doesn’t take many accent pieces to get that signature pop of color you’re looking for in your tablescape, so think small—and edible. One reason that red and green are such popular Christmas colors is because they’re found naturally during the colder months, and you should use that to your advantage. Remember the partridge in a pear tree? We don’t recommend keeping a live bird on your dinner table, but a few pears are a bright, colorful alternative to the darker shades of forest green usually associated with the holidays.

The same goes for red, too. Poinsettias inspire dark and dreary shades of blood red on many a Christmas tablescape, and the bold hues easily overpower the entire setting. When it comes to holiday red—especially against white or light-colored tablecloths—less is always, always more. A sprig of cranberries here, a bright red bow there, and that’s it. My advice? Plan it in advance using our virtual design center, so you know that your rental table linen color combination strikes the right balance.

Have a Blue Christmas

A new direction to decorating for the holidaysI love a little Elvis, but he makes having a blue Christmas sound like a bad thing! Blue is a criminally-underused color when it comes to yuletide tablescape designs, even though its cool tones make it the perfect complement to neutrals. From bright and frosty shades to deep, midnight blue, you can find the right blue to set almost any holiday mood.

Instead of looking for natural accents like you would with red or green, use blue in a pattern that embraces its modernity. Blue tablecloths in geometric patterns, for example, give your table an unexpected and lively personality that complements the winter weather while keeping things upbeat.

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