September, 06, 2014

Creating the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Remember my wedding style quiz from a few months back? (If not, make sure to take it as soon as possible!) Well, if you got the vintage style, I’m here to give you all the ideas you need to make this theme come to life! Check out the ideas for your menu, dress, décor, rental table linen and more!


Dessert and Drinks

As you’re planning the dessert for your vintage wedding, consider mixing vintage and contemporary elements. Take this pink ombre cake, for example. It mixes the modern ombre trend with the classic cake style.

For your vintage-themed drinks, stick to the tried-and-true classic drinks. Think gin and tonics, martinis, and, of course, Old Fashioneds. For a totally vintage idea, serve one or two drinks in a punch bowl! When placed atop rental table linen, your drink presentation will wow your guests.

Want to add even more vintage flair with a sentimental touch? Ask older family members or friends if they have a wine from the year they’re born. Attach a photo of that couple on their wedding day. You could even use this as your centerpiece!


To really commit to your theme, you could rock a retro wedding dress! Search through the racks of your local antique or vintage store to find one that’s truly divine. You can get the dress cleaned so it can be just as good as new for your special day. Want a totally new dress instead? Many stores offer vintage-inspired gowns that look just like those from the past.

Decor Ideas

For the vintage wedding, your options for decorations are almost endless. Here are a few of my favorite decor ideas that work well with your theme:

  • Vintage tea cups with candles—Simply melt candles inside vintage tea cups for a unique style.
  • Hanging picture frames draped with strands of pearls—This idea is quirky yet elegant!
  • Lace-covered jars filled with fresh flowers with your centerpiece—These also bring a touch of rustic flair that fits well with your theme.
  • Vintage keepsakes—Have any keepsakes from your grandma or other relative you’d like to show off? Now’s the time!

Rental table linen is a great alternative to buying vintage designs.

Rental Table Linen

Wondering what to do for your vintage wedding tablescapes? Table linen is one area where you may not want to choose authentic vintage designs. Rental table linen provides the perfect alternative. You can choose table cloths, overlays, runners napkins and chair accessories with vintage-esque designs. For table cloths, I love the Blumen Shantung, Gray Zuri and Giverny. The Gold Grandeur, White Shalimar Sheer and Abigail Floral Carmen – Azalea Bella chair jackets are all gorgeous with a classic air to them.

For more vintage wedding ideas, check out BBJ Linen’s Instagram!

Event Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:

Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event

Products used:

Overlay: White Bouquet Overlay

Tablecloth: Sand Yuma Table Linen

Napkin: Pink Lamour Napkin

Chair Pad: Pink Lamour Elastic Chair Pad Cover