April, 25, 2015

Color Trend: Ecru‚ How to Use it for Your Event

With springtime just ahead, we’ll see a lot of brighter shades hitting our favorite event planners’ and photographers’ blogs showcasing the events they’ve put together. However, if you’re just not that into pastels or brights, you’ll love this new trend that’s heating up all over: Ecru. If that sounds a little bit boring to you, maybe you just haven’t seen it done quite right yet. Ecru, a shade best described as a light grayish brown, is used to describe the color of unbleached linen or silk. It can be used in a variety of ways to make your event look absolutely stunning, no matter what sort of mood you’re trying to create.

Use It as a Background Color, Like a Blank Canvas

Ecru is perfect for creating a neutral background, for example, if you have another color in mind that you want to use as the highlight. Since ecru is a relatively bland color on its own, it can be used as a non-obtrusive base color for other shades to take the stage—often times, it is used as a backdrop for events where a lot of floral arrangements or plants are being used, since the pale beige is a perfect setup for greenery and bright flowers. It can also be used to set off gold decor, including sparkling overlays, metallic charger plates, and more. Using ecru as a gentle background tone is the perfect way to let your other colors really pop.

Pair it With Other Neutrals

Ecru is also great for pairing with other “quiet” colors, like ivory, taupe, tan, gray, or white. These colors, when used together at nearly any event, make the space look clean and modern, ideal for a minimalist wedding or a corporate party. Ecru works well for a variety of different looks, and can also be used with darker neutrals, like metallic pewter linen, mahogany, forest green, or even rust—the latter two may not sound like neutrals, but when paired with ecru, the look is all natural.

Use it to Lighten Up Darker Hues

If you do like bolder colors, but don’t want your event to look overwhelming or too dark, ecru can be a great foil to dark shades like eggplant, dark teal, steel gray, or burgundy. If you use those dark shades as your main table linen, use ecru runners and napkins to even out the decor. Using ecru to balance can not only prevent the darker linen from stealing the show or appearing a bit foreboding, but it can also help to set off other decor, like centerpieces, candles, or bouquets—the concept of the blank canvas can help whatever is laid on top of it shine brighter.

No matter what type of event you’re planning, check out our ecru linen and accessories—they are perfect for a variety of different themes and moods, including weddings, elegant dinner parties, galas and more.