How to Plan the Perfect Post-Trade Show Cocktail Reception

In any field of work, networking is a crucial aspect, and there’s no place that’s better than a trade show to do so. Receptions typically take place after trade shows to allow guests to connect in a more casual setting, but there are many factors to consider other than the venue and guest list. Here… Continue Reading How to Plan the Perfect Post-Trade Show Cocktail Reception

How to Choose the Right Tablecloth Sizes for Event Tables

One of the most important deciding factors with rental table linen is choosing the correct tablecloth sizes. You need to know the table sizes you will have at the event and determine the cloth size based on them. Luckily, determining the correct length of your tablecloths is just a simple equation.

5 Unique Fall Wedding Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding or other occasion for fall, you’re in luck. The beautiful colors found in nature are a perfect complement to virtually any theme, and the crisp weather outside makes your event feel cozy. Plus, there are a lot of unique and interesting things you can do with design and décor to… Continue Reading 5 Unique Fall Wedding Ideas

Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas & Reception Decor • BBJ Linen

How do you view romance? Brides of North Texas – Nicole Berrett Photography It’s a very personal picture — a romantic candlelight dinner at home or a long, lazy day in the sun; a walk in the woods with your companion or a handwritten note scribbled on a napkin and passed under the table; a long weekend at… Continue Reading Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas & Reception Decor • BBJ Linen

Chic Wedding Ideas & Décor

Chic has many different meanings, especially when it comes to wedding ideas and decor. What’s your vision of chic? Traditional formal weddings are elegant and romantic, with themes that range from low-key to trendy and color palettes just as diverse. But chic can also go great distances in different directions: country or rustic, western or… Continue Reading Chic Wedding Ideas & Décor

3 Tips For Creating An Amazing Corporate Holiday Party

Company holiday parties are a great way to celebrate your team’s hard work. They also provide a perfect opportunity for employees to come together to celebrate your company’s successes and rally around your team’s big goals for the next year.  If you are looking for ways to make your corporate holiday party stand out, you’ve come… Continue Reading 3 Tips For Creating An Amazing Corporate Holiday Party

6 Things You’ll Need For The Best Thanksgiving – Outside

A late autumn day outside is absolutely magical.  Blue skies, a slight breeze stirring the fall leaves from the trees … what a beautiful way to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Here are the six tips you need to know before planning your own backyard festive feast. 

5 Food Trends Perfect For Events

Carter Rose with f8studio | Wolfgang Puck Catering | Bella Flora of Dallas Every event planner is looking for innovative ways to WOW their clients and guests.  Incorporating some of latest event catering trends is a fun and creative way to make your next bash be the one what everyone will be talking about.

Wickedly Stylish Halloween Dinner Party Tips

We’re next-level obsessed with Halloween, so we thought a sophisticated dinner party was the best way to celebrate. We envisioned a spooky fête for the grown-ups, full of modern elegance and tons of drama and 316 Design Source had the bewitchingly fancy look we had in mind. If you’re looking for the most chic and… Continue Reading Wickedly Stylish Halloween Dinner Party Tips

3 Brunch Tips for Your Next Sunday Funday

The Fort Worth Club is an iconic venue in the storied city of Fort Worth, Texas. For 125 years the club has hosted events of all shapes and sizes, and last month’s “Sunday Funday on a Monday” gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our new Granada Collection. Choice abounds at brunch, from steak and… Continue Reading 3 Brunch Tips for Your Next Sunday Funday