December, 31, 2014

Caps, Runners, Overlays, Oh My! Breaking Down Table Linen Choices

Are you curious (or even overwhelmed) about all the different varieties of table coverings and how they’re used? You’re not alone! I love helping our clients make sense of all the various terms, products and options at BBJ Linen so they can make smart table design choices for their events. With so many beautiful patterns, styles and combinations, you’re sure to find something as unique as you are.

Following is a description and examples of the most commonly requested table accessories.

Table Coverings, Explained

Most people are familiar with the standard tablecloth, a table line

n that is large enough to provide decorative or practical protection for an entire table. Essential shapes like round, square, and rectangular are available and fit most standard tables. You can see the various sizes here.

Stretch to Fit

Looking for something a little dressier? Try a table skirt, an ornamental, gathered linen that hangs all the way to the ground. Want to make sure the tablecloth doesn’t slip during the event? Meet our wonderful line of stretch tablecloth and fitted spandex tablecloths. With a variety of fun prints like leopard, stripes and metallics, you’ll definitely find something to make your table pop!

Table Sheaths and Table Toppers

Table sheaths and table toppers are another great option for creating a unique look. A table sheath typically hangs straight down, but can be twisted or fitted with the use of a cap or topper. You can see an example of the two different styles here.

Runners & Overlays

If you want to create an even more formal and sophisticated look, table runners and table overlays are icing on the cake. A table runner is a long table linen that is placed on top of a tablecloth, or alone on a bare table for a clean and modern look. Table overlays are typically layered over another tablecloth to create a sense of dimension, texture and style. Table overlays are wonderful for expanding your event color scheme or to adding interest with a fun pattern like polka dot, stripes, animal print, or a textured fabric like brocade.

Choosing the Perfect Linen

So how do you choose the style that’s right for your event? The easy answer is that it’s completely up to you! That said, considering the type of event can usually narrow your choices down a bit.

For weddings, anything goes. Table linen choices should be stylish but reflect the personal taste and style of the couple. Rectangular cotton or polyester blends work well for casual events like birthday parties or family gatherings because the rectangular shape allows guests to sit close together and talk. For a dimly lit room or evening events, satin tablecloths have a magnificent shimmer and can make the night feel magical. Table skirts and fitted tablecloths are great for business events and trade shows, as they offer a slightly more formal look for display tables.

How can we help? We’d love to go over your ideas and preferences to create a table design that’s perfect for you. Leave us a comment or get in touch today!