December, 13, 2015

Borrow Ideas from Nature for Fall Decorations

As fall temperatures take over, the trends for décor change a bit, too. Instead of bright greens and yellows, events feature forest greens and golds. Taking inspiration from nature is not a new strategy for choosing décor, and it’s popular for a reason‚ it looks great. This fall, check out what BBJ has to offer in the way of nature-inspired décor.

Interesting Textures

If you’re trying to channel the textures of the great outdoors, you’re in luck. Our Ice Square Gold Charger plates have a ring of metallic gold that mimics the look of crackling leaves on the ground, while Copper Birch Table Linen gives the feel of tree bark when draped across a table. In a similar vein, our Chestnut Shantung Napkins, when rolled up, look a bit like rustic tree branches‚ an interesting look for a fall-themed event.


Autumnal Colors

Instead of the standard silver-colored flatware, mix things up and use gold for a change. If you prefer bright tablecloths, you won’t want to miss our Poppy Bravado able Linen, which is a bold, rich shade of red with fuchsia accents. If you’re more interested in metallic shades, you’ll love the Golden Helena Overlay, which can be paired with virtually any other color you wish to give an elegant, gorgeous look.

Layers of Beauty

Finally, another great thing about fall is all of the layering you can do, and we don’t just mean with sweaters and cardigans. Creating layers of texture, color, and material on your event’s tables creates a visually stunning effect, and it’s easy to do.

Use overlays and runners, and stack different size/shape plates to emphasize the overall look. On the plates, you can place napkins in rings or party favors that also feature your event’s colors. In essence, you want to layer as many of your event’s colors as you can to create the most cohesive look. 

What are your favorite fall decorating trends?