21 Unique Fall Wedding Tables

Wedding ceremonies and receptions should always be geared toward telling “the story” of the bride and groom, and this fall there are many ways to write those individual chapters. Some are classic, while others are trendy, but all are individual and totally appropriate for the season and the love stories that they celebrate. Here are some… Continue Reading 21 Unique Fall Wedding Tables

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas & Decor

Zev Fisher Photography Winter weddings can be warm and cozy, or they can be elegantly cool. Winter wedding ideas vary from settings that bring to mind the wistful beauty of the landscape in the Swiss Alps to the comforting aura of a cabin warmed by a fire and surrounded by tall pines.

Minimalist Wedding Ideas & Décor

Gatherings Floral Design | Skylar Arden Events | BLK Chai Photography  Minimalism is born of what is — it’s not so much a design and decor statement as it is a philosophy, and it does not speak of doing without, but rather of utilizing what is and doing what seems right! We love the simplicity… Continue Reading Minimalist Wedding Ideas & Décor

5 Unique Fall Wedding Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding or other occasion for fall, you’re in luck. The beautiful colors found in nature are a perfect complement to virtually any theme, and the crisp weather outside makes your event feel cozy. Plus, there are a lot of unique and interesting things you can do with design and décor to… Continue Reading 5 Unique Fall Wedding Ideas

Décor for Every Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated‚ after all, there are different types of gifts designated for each year of marriage. For the milestones–particularly the 5th, 25th, 50th, and 70th anniversaries, consider hosting a party to commemorate your dedication to the one you love. Thanks to the assigned anniversary colors or gifts, it’s easy to plan… Continue Reading Décor for Every Wedding Anniversary

Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas & Classic Decor • BBJ Linen

Elevate Events | Willow & Stone Photography Celebrate your day in a unique and personal way with a vintage wedding theme that recalls family traditions and honors both family roots and individual passions. Vintage conjures up mental images of the best of the past. But there isn’t anything monotonous about a vintage wedding, perfectly orchestrated… Continue Reading Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas & Classic Decor • BBJ Linen

Trending Fall 2017 Colors for Events

Ten new “fashion forward” colors for fall have been released by Pantone Color Institute, the harbinger of design that ushers in seasonal trends that we all savor. Fall 2017 will be a colorful one, highlighted by comfortable, enveloping brisk new tones that range from a bright grenadine to deeply-dramatic tawny port and outdoorsy autumn maple.

Color Crush – Fiesta

Passionate and exciting, Fiesta more than earns the title of the red of the season.  It is a true summery red with orange undertones and a lot of fire. Fiesta, one of the passionate colors named in Pantone Color Institute’s Spring 2019 Fashion Color Trend Report for New York Fashion Week, is our new color… Continue Reading Color Crush – Fiesta

Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas & Unique Event Decor

There are many types of rustic weddings, but they all have one thing in common: A distinctly personal vibe that is tied to place and lifestyle. Rustic frequently means outdoors, with great vistas as a backdrop and family heritage as a theme. Photography: Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite But rustic has many faces — a lakeside cabin,… Continue Reading Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas & Unique Event Decor

3 Beach Looks You’ll Love This Summer

Summer is finally here and it’s time to have a relaxing beach themed event.  But, what should be chill can quickly become stressful when you don’t know what look you’re going to go for. So it’s only natural if you need a little style guidance for your next seaside-inspired event.  Here are three stylish looks for… Continue Reading 3 Beach Looks You’ll Love This Summer