February, 04, 2013

Ask Alice

Q: We don’t have the budget for chargers for all of the guests but I L-O-V-E them. How can I incorporate them into my reception without breaking the bank? Will it look weird? – Jill, Chicago

Using chargers to present desserts is one budget friendly option

A: This is a great question- many brides are rightfully very budget conscious these days but still want to deliver a stylishly memorable wedding. A great and easy way to do this with both chargers and linen is to apply the high-low philosophy that you mainly see in fashion- select a few high traffic places around your reception and elevate the design there while keeping the rest of it more simple. Since you love our chargers but can’t have them at every place setting, consider using just a few of them in high impact places- on your dessert table (like the photo) or during passed hors d’oeuvres. If you’d like them on the actual guest tables, instead of using a full charger, use the matching smaller (and budget friendly) bread and butter plate- supplying the design you want but without the full financial commitment. Good luck Jill!



Q: If I want to have two or three colors, how can I use them on my tables, chairs, and napkins so they look good together? Can I do table 1 in the first color; table 2 in the second; table 3 in the third; and so on? – Abby, Massachusetts

A: I am a big advocate of color- the more the merrier! The key to making it look beautiful and not like a Crayola explosion is balance, balance, balance. Mix it up so that no design element is monochromatic. For example, say your colors are trendy pastels: marmalade, ivory, light green and gold. That combination can go the wrong way, fast. Conventional design wisdom usually points to making the neutrals (ivory, gold) the main focus with just pops of the brighter colors, but in this instance I think pairing one of the brighter colors and a neutral for the main look and accenting with the others would provide the most style and integrate four colors very successfully. See how I styled it, below!

Pair a color with a neutral and use it as your main design element. Pictured: Marmalade Shantung under Sarah’s Garden, Ivory Shantung napkin, Marbella Citron charger and gold accent pieces


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Happy designing!