September, 06, 2014

Adding Sweets to the Décor of your Table

Marmalade Shantung Table Linen

Last week, I went to a wedding, and the happy couple had a to-die-for sweets station set up. After seeing it, I think every bride should incorporate one into her big day! So, why should you have a sweets table at your wedding? Sure, you already have wedding cake (or cupcakes!) for your big day, but sometimes guests crave a little extra sugar. You could also let guests take some of the treats home as a small but greatly appreciated favor. Here, I’ve outlined six different ideas for candy and sweets stations you could use for your big day. See which one will fit into your theme!

All About Pink

To accent your perfectly pink sweet station, use a fabulous pink table linen in an exciting print or in a sequin option for added pizazz. For a more subdued route, you can choose a white table linen and accent it with a pink runner or overlay.

Sweets to use:

  • Blush pink salt water taffy
  • Peach pink gummy rings
  • Hot pink gumballs
  • Strawberry malt balls
  • Pink macaroons
  • Marshmallows dipped in vanilla icing and topped with pink sprinkles

Sweets can be decorative depending on color, shape and size

Taste the Rainbow

With so many colors from which you can choose, sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! Don’t worry, though—with the rainbow sweets station, you can have them all!

Sweets to use:

  • Red licorice
  • Orange slices
  • Yellow cake balls
  • Green rock candy
  • Blue sour straws
  • Purple taffy

Whimsical Wedding

If you’re having a whimsical wedding, I’m sure you’ve already decided you have to have a sweets table! After all, it totally fits with the theme of your special day. Trying to decide which candy suits your day best? Don’t feel limited! A whimsical wedding is all about sweetness.

Sweets to use:

  • Pixie sticks
  • Gummy bears
  • Neon jawbreakers
  • Lollipops
  • Cotton candy
  • Sugar cookies with bright icing

Sticks in sweets stand out more


Metallics are making a splash on the wedding scene this year, so if you choose this option, you’ll be totally be on trend!

Sweets to use:

  • Homemade marshmallows
  • Black licorice
  • Cake balls with edible glitter icing
  • Homemade caramels
  • White-chocolate dipped apples covered with gold and silver sprinkles

Classic Red, White and Black

Love the classic style? Go with the red, black and white candy bar theme. This combination is daring yet still romantic.

Sweets to use:

  • Candy canes
  • Black and red licorice
  • Homemade white marshmallows
  • Black and white lollipops
  • Cherry sour candy

Mellow Yellow

Are you a bride that has a bright and sunny attitude? Try out the yellow-themed sweets ideas. A cream rental table cloth will perfectly accent this color scheme.

Sweets to use:

What’s your favorite idea for a sweets station? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on BBJ Linen’s Facebook!

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