January, 17, 2014

A Positively Pink Wedding

I’ll admit it—when I was younger, “Pretty in Pink” was my favorite movie. I practically burned out my copy of it! Now that I’m older, not much has changed—which is exactly why I’m a sucker for any wedding that’s purely pink. Luckily for me, blush pink is one of the hot colors for brides this year, so I’m expecting to see it all over the place. Want to do a pink wedding yourself? Here’s what I’ve gathered over my years of wedding-going:


Is there anything more perfect than a bouquet overflowing with pink flowers? My favorite: light pink peonies in a bouquet of other gorgeous options. Other flowers that would look great in this color? Daisies—they’re lighthearted, just like blush pink.


Blush pink is an obvious choice for your wedding party’s dresses, but why limit to just the bridesmaids? If you want to, break free from traditional white and choose a gown in a pink hue for yourself. We’ve all seen celebrities like Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, and Kaley Cuoco don the shade for their big day, so don’t be afraid to do it yourself.


There aren’t as many wedding foods that are naturally pink—besides fresh fruit, salmon and steak (I love a good rare steak, by the way). So, my best advice would be to focus on the desserts for this one, because the options are endless. Want to have cookies at your wedding? Pink macaroons or sugar cookies topped off with a lightly-tinted pink icing fit the bill. As for the cake, a circular iced ombre-style pink one would be completely fitting. For an unexpected option, put cotton candy in martini glasses. Trust me, cotton candy’s not just for carnivals or baseball games! Your guests will love this youthful touch.


a lovely pink wedding
For your drinks, break out the white zinfandel—which, of course, is not actually white, but the blush pink that I can’t get enough of. Or, for those who aren’t of drinking age or who just don’t like the taste of wine, set up a punch bowl filled with refreshing pink lemonade—complete with fresh lemon slices.


Now, you don’t want to overdo pink with the decor—too much of a good thing, and all—so use the color sparingly. I’m thinking maybe a white table top linen rental with blush pink table runners adorning them—it creates just the right amount of the color. One area that breaks the rule? The cake table. Here, you’ll want a blush pink table top linen rental instead. If you really want, use blush pink table runners here, too. This area is supposed to be sugary sweet, after all!

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