What makes us different

Let’s Get Going...Green! The Role of Linen Rental in Eco-Friendly Decor

At BBJ, we are proud that our daily business practices root us firmly in the Green initiative. Our eco-friendly nature is socially responsible and has the added benefit of allowing us to extend the best possible pricing to our customers; by conserving our resources, our operating costs remain as low as possible. Some of the practices we follow in our daily operations are:



The fabric we buy is repurposed in a multitude of ways. After its first life as tablecloth, our linen is reused by various agencies, such as schools and charities, or is sold to the public at discount prices through The BBJ Store. We are also constantly making new products from retired inventory. Our innovative Botella fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Return Duffle Bags

After the event, linen is returned in duffle bags that are in service for many years reducing our use of plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

Paper and Cardboard

We conserve office paper by reprinting on both sides and cardboard boxes are used multiple times. Paper and cardboard within all of our offices is recycled.

Plastic Bags

BBJ uses biodegradable plastic bags which reduce the landfill load, have an 8 month shelf life, and are 100% recyclable.

Skids and Scrap Metal

All wooden skids are reused and then recycled, and all scrap metal is given to a recycling plant for conversion into another product.


Heat Exchangers

The use of heat exchangers allow us to capture the energy from hot water as it leaves our washers to warm the incoming cool tap water that will be used for the next wash cycle. This results in a temperature change of 40 – 50 degrees reducing our use of gas and electric, as well as the load on the municipal treatment plant.

Press Shut-Down

We completely shut down our presses when not in use, rather than letting them idle, and run our boilers only when necessary.


We adjust our temperature seasonally, as well as throughout the day. Heat and air conditioning is adjusted in zones based on specific occupancy.


Brine Reuse System

Out of concern over the flow of water back into the sewer system, we utilize a brine-reuse system, which allows us to conserve both water and salt so that we can produce soft water internally for our washers and boiler.

PH Control System

We maintain strict control over the PH level of used water that gets discharged into the sewer system, both minimizing any potential damage to the municipal system and reducing the energy required at the municipal treatment plant.