May, 13, 2014

8 Ways to Use BBJ Linen’s Zuri and Zecora Rental Table Runners

BBJ Linen is constantly releasing exciting new rental table linen in new patterns, prints and colors—and, somehow, I love each one more than the one before! The latest release: the Zuri and Zecora line! The soft shades in these table linen can work as neutrals that let accent colors shine, or they can work on their own. The best part about this new line? They are available in reversible patterns, giving you that many more options from which you can choose. Check them and see just how effortlessly cool they are!

Gray Zecora

Pair with: Pops of yellow

Does anything look better than a gray and yellow color combination?! Get the look for your table design by using gray linen, the Gray Zecora table runner and bright yellow tulips for your centerpiece—your tablescape will look ultra modern and vibrant!

Reversed Gray Zecora

Pair with: Blush pink table linen

Blush pink is one of the hottest colors of 2014, and because it’s so versatile, it will look lovely with a Reversed Gray Zecora table runner! Take the look one step further by adding in gold accents, like napkin rings or glassware.

Gray Zuri

Pair with: Red tablecloths

Gray Zuri can be used with almost any color rental table linen, but this table runner looks dramatically stylish with red tablecloths. The light and dark gray shades contrast with the bright red. Add in centerpieces of fresh red roses for the ultimate table design.

Reversed Gray Zuri

Pair with: Black table linen

Reversed Gray Zuri is the perfect table runner for a classic black-tie affair. Combined with black tablecloths and silver charger plates, this fabric creates an unrivaled elegant, refined tablescape.

Zuri and Zecora's table runners offer more design options due to their neutral colors and reversible patterns

Lavender Zecora

Pair with: Gold table linen

Because lavender is so prominent in this Zecora print, consider accenting with shiny metallic gold. The gold will accent both the silver and purple shades in this rental table linen. Consider using a solid gold table linen, like the Cornsilk Bengaline tablecloth.

Reversed Lavender Zecora

Pair with: Silver accents

While the Reversed Lavender Zecora is similar to the original, this one has a juxtaposition all its own. Play up this table runner’s pattern by using silver base rental table linen, napkins and charger plates.

Lavender Zuri

Pair with: Crisp white tablecloth and silver centerpieces

Lavender Zuri is infused with purple, yet it is more understated than the Zecora prints. To create a design with this table runner, use a white table linen. Paired with white, the gray and purple shades of Lavender Zuri look especially polished.

Reversed Lavender Zuri

Pair with: Indigo accents and more purple

Like Lavender Zecora, Reversed Lavender Zuri has a lot of purple going on. To tie the look together, try using indigo accents with dyed floral centerpieces or draped napkins. Really love all things purple? Don’t be afraid to add in a lighter or deep purple table linen! The combination will look totally regal and refined.

Want to see more examples of the Zuri and Zecora fabrics? Check out BBJ Linen’s Instagram page!

Event Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:‚Ä®

Hello Darling / City View Loft – Chicago

Linen Used:‚Ä®:
Ivory Gabriella Table Linen, Lavender Zecora Elastic Chair Pad Cover, Lavender Zecora Napkin & Peacock Purple Copper Charger

Lavender Zuri Table Linen, Ivory Shantung Napkin, Sea Sponge Purple Charger