December, 31, 2014

8 Tablescape Ideas for an Amethyst Event

Back in February, I was lusting over lavender, and now I’m simply addicted to amethyst! This dreamy tint of purple works well for events of all types. Wondering what you need to get the look? Don’t worry‚ I’ve outlined everything you’ll need to get an amethyst-inspired event, including ideas for centerpieces, rental table linen, and table and chair accessories.



  • Fill a clear cyclical vase with water and amethyst-dyed flower petals. Top with floating candles. For added glamour, place the vase on a square mirror and surround it in baby’s breath. Arrange amethyst-colored bottles filled with fresh flowers in the center of all your tables.
  • Place amethyst pomanders in elegant candlesticks. You can use one large pomander for each table, or you could opt for multiples of smaller versions.

Rental Table Linen


  • Place an amethyst rental table linen as the base, and top with a glamorous sequin overlay. The Mercury Sequin or Platinum Tori would both work perfectly for this look.
  • If you have rectangular tables, go for an unexpected look by using just a table runner. You could use an amethyst-colored runner and use neutral accessories. You could also opt for the opposite with a stunning neutral runner and accent with any of the aforementioned amethyst-inspired centerpiece ideas.

Table and Chair Accessories


  • Want to make a statement with the chairs at your amethyst-themed event? Use chair backs and jackets! A ruffled back gives chairs a dramatic vibe, while a sheer cover, like the Orchid Bella Sheer, takes a more subtle approach to incorporating amethyst.
  • For a pop of color, use elastic chair pads, like the Lilac Lamour or the Purple Smoke Shantung. These are easy to apply‚ you’ll simply attach to the chair with Velcro.

What are your favorite ideas for an amethyst event? Let me know on BBJ Linen’s Facebook and Twitter pages!