September, 06, 2014

7 Questions to Ask to Find the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

best venue for your wedding

After you get engaged, you’re probably over the moon, but now you know the wedding planning begins. I’ve always found, though, that once the bride settles on a venue, a good portion of her stress disappears! Then she can start deciding on decor, catering and rental table linen. Here, I’ve provided seven questions to ask yourself to help narrow down which wedding venue will work best for your big day.

1) Will you host your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at the same place as your reception?

Find flexible space for your outdoor wedding

This is one of the first things you need to consider for your wedding. Some brides like to have their ceremonies separate from the reception and cocktail hour. Others choose to host all three at the same spot.

2) Are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding?

If you’re hosting it outdoor, you’ll need to find a space that’s big enough to set up chairs while still having enough room for the actual ceremony. Indoor weddings provide a greater level of flexibility.

3) In what season will you have your wedding—and in what location?

Seasons can also dictate where you’ll host your wedding—as well as what location it will be. Of course, if you decided to have an outdoor destination wedding, you may choose a season when guests can take advantage of the beautiful weather. However, if you chose an outdoor wedding, you may want to have it during spring or summer before it gets too cold.

A warm season invites outdoor weddings

4) How many guests are you inviting?

If you’re inviting hundreds of guests, you may need to choose a rental hall opposed to an small, intimate location. The number of guests you invite will also dictate other factors of your wedding, like how much food you need to get or how many rental table linen to order.

5) Will you bring your own caterer and bar, or will you use the venues?

Some venues will provide the option to bring in outside caterers and bartenders (or make your own drinks!), while others mandate you utilize their services. Decide which option best suits your needs.

Accomodate guest requirements like parking and location

6) Does the venue offer table linen?

Oftentimes, venues may include basic white linen. However, to bring your special day to life, you may want to opt for rental table linen in gorgeous colors and patterns. Consult with your prospective venues to determine what they offer so you can plan accordingly.

7) What amenities are on site or nearby?

Your venue should have adequate parking to accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited. If you’re serving alcohol at the reception, you should also choose a location that has hotels nearby that out-of-town guest can take advantage of.

How did you choose your wedding venue? Let me know on BBJ Linen’s Facebook page, or leave a comment below!

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