May, 13, 2014

7 New Lace Runners for Every Wedding

I’ve already told you how much I love lace for weddings, so that’s why I’m so excited for BBJ Linen’s new line of lace runners! These runners come in two new styles: Downtown and Aria, each in colors fit for every bride’s big day! To make it even easier for you to decide, I’ve narrowed down which runners are best for different wedding types. See which one can work for you!

Black Downton

Black downton lace runners for a classic wedding

Perfect for: A classic wedding

Pair it with: Radiant orchid table linen

Black Downton is made for the bride with a little old-school flair! This British-inspired linen table runner design looks lovely with radiant orchid. Try using a radiant orchid table clothes in a silky or abstract print design, and top them with the Black Downtown runner for a memorable tablescape!

White Downton

White lace runners for a citrus-inspired weddingPerfect for: A citrus-inspired wedding

Pair it with: Tealights

Nothing says summer quite like crisp white paired with equally sunkissed shades. You already know citrus is totally in for the summer, so why not add the classic White Downtown on top of your table linen in lemon, orange or lime shades? With all your linen being so bright, your tablescape will really shine. To create an even more glistening design, add tealights in gold holders to your tables.

Black Aria

Black aria runners for a classy black-and-white weddingPerfect for: A classy black-and-white wedding

Pair it with: Centerpieces with pops of color

A little bit bold with a lot of style, the Black Aria runner is perfect for the bride with a completely polished personality who still wants to bring an element of surprise. This runner is for the bride whose wedding is sure to be the hit of the summer. To contrast the elegant black lace of the Black Aria table runner, use a simple yet sharp white rental table linen and accent with a dashing red or electric blue centerpiece.

White Aria

White aria lace runners for a rustic outdoor weddingPerfect for: A rustic outdoor wedding

Pair it with: Natural Yuma tablecloths

Whereas the Black Aria runner is for the bride hosting a black tie affair, the White Aria works seamlessly for an outdoor wedding with a magical charm. This table runner design is effortlessly sleek, so you can keep your other rental table linen much simpler. I love the look of a burlap-esque tablecloth, like one in the countryside-esque Natural Yuma pattern. With the White Aria table runner on top, your wedding tables will fit flawlessly into your theme.

Champagne Aria

Champagne aria lace runners for a pink, white and gold weddingPerfect for: A pink, white and gold wedding

Pair it with: Lots of lights

This summer, brides aren’t just choosing from one color scheme‚ their options are almost endless! One of the most popular ones for weddings this year? Pink, gold and white. To create a beautiful tablescape, start with a blush pink or white tablecloth, and add the Champagne Aria table runner on top. The result? A lighthearted, sweet and chic look.

To make your wedding really shine‚ and to accent the color scheme‚ add in lights wherever you can. This could mean hanging tea lights around the perimeter of your venue, faux candles in centerpieces or even lanterns strategically placed underneath tables for an added glow.

Navy Aria

Perfect for: A contemporary wedding

Pair it with: A bright fuchsia tablecloth

Pink, gold and white may be one of the top color combinations for summer, but looking for one that’s equally as fashionable? Try navy blue and hot fuchsia. By using a bright fuchsia tablecloth with the Navy Aria table linen runner, your tablescape will look ultra modern and lavish. These two colors complement one another in a highly fashionable way.

Silver Aria

Silver aria runners for a lavender wedding

Perfect for: A lavender wedding

Pair it with: Gold accents

Using lavender as your wedding color? Silver Aria is the best linen table runner for you! Combined with the light, romantic lavender shades, this table runner looks ethereal and refined.

Don’t be afraid of mixing your Silver Aria runner with some other colors‚ even other metallics! A light, shiny shade of gold, either used in centerpieces, glass chargers or something completely different, meshes perfectly with the table runner.

To see more examples of how you can use BBJ Linen’s lace table runners, be sure to check in with their Facebook and Instagram pages!