September, 06, 2014

5 Tips for Hosting an Elegant Dinner Party

As an event planner, I always advocate for dinner parties. They may be less common now, but they’re definitely still as fun as ever. After all, a fancy dinner party combines all the things people love—food, getting dressed up and looking nice, and, of course, great conversation! Whether you decide to host a dinner party for your work colleagues, a close group of friends or your entire family, you can follow my guide to throw an event you’ll love!

1) Choose a Venue

To get started with your dinner party plans, you’ll need to choose a venue. I’ve been to dinner parties at a variety of spaces—banquet halls, restaurants and more (you name it, I’ve probably been to it!). However, I love the at-home dinner parties just as much—they have a personal touch that is hard to beat! Of course, your guest list could dictate what type of venue you’ll have. If you’re inviting 100 people, a rental hall may be a better fit for you. However, if you’re only planning on inviting 10 or so people, an at-home dinner party might work best.

2) Send Invitations

For an elegant dinner party, you’ll want to go beyond just a simple phone call or email to invite your guests. Instead, send out printed invitations. Mailed invitations may be a small gesture, but in today’s technology-saturated world, they let people know you care! After you’ve finalized your guest list, head over to your local printer to create your classy invitations.

3) Order Gorgeous Rental Table Linen

Choose rental table linen and runners to decorate your dinner party

No elegant dinner party is complete without a chic table design! For your gathering, you can choose rental table linen and runners in any color scheme that your heart desires—regal purple and yellow, light pink and gold, or, my favorite, red and blue! These color combinations all look lovely.

4) Decide on a Menu

The whole point of a dinner party is to have a fantastic menu, so you’ll want to spend a little time on this step. If you chose to host your dinner party at a restaurant, your menu decision is already halfway over! Consult with the restaurant managers to discuss any special meal plans or packages they may have, as well as if they provide rental table linen and other dinner party necessities.

If you decided to host your party in your home, you’ll have much more freedom with the menu. After your guests have arrived, offer them some delicious onion tartlets, seared steak lettuce cups and baked brie puffs. Now, on to the entrees! For the summer months, I love the idea of cooking something up on the grill. (Yes, even grilled items can be elegant!) For this, it’s all about preparation. Serve some steaks and grilled chicken breast alongside bacon-wrapped asparagus and freshly baked bread. When neatly presented on a gorgeous rental table linen with a shiny metallic runner, your spread will look like a professional created it!

5) Add in Last-Minute Details

So you’ve prepared your food (or let the caterer or restaurant take care of that!) and slipped into your finest attire. To finalize your dinner party presentation, don’t forget to add in some decor accessories! I’m thinking huge floral centerpieces, candles in gold holders and chic charger plates. These final touches will really accent your rental linen and round out your table design.

What are your favorite dinner party ideas? Let me know on BBJ Linen’s Facebook page!

Products Used:

Table Linen: Federal Shantung

Napkin: Poppy Shantung

Charger: Sea Sponge Gold

Bread & Butter Plate: Sea Sponge Gold

Table Runner: Ivory Hemstitch