October, 20, 2018

5 Food Trends Perfect For Events

ValleyofFire-4109Carter Rose with f8studio | Wolfgang Puck Catering | Bella Flora of Dallas

Every event planner is looking for innovative ways to WOW their clients and guests.  Incorporating some of latest event catering trends is a fun and creative way to make your next bash be the one what everyone will be talking about.  

Locally Sourced Veggies

Plant-based diets are on the rise, in numbers we’ve not seen before.  We’re also seeing a surge in hyper-local farmers, mainly in urban areas.  With a focus on mindful farming practices, like being less wasteful than traditional farming and preservative and pesticide free, these locally grown fruits and vegetables make for great fresh options – with a great backstory.    

Big Delicious Planet


Because these veggies are produced closer, they’re usually brighter and fresher than getting them shipped in.   

Big Delicious Planet

Next Level Cotton Candy

Ryann Lindsey Photography | Konsider It Done | The Clayton House | Form Floral | a Bakeshop

Cotton candy has been an event treat fav for a bit now, and we still love it, but we’re ready to see it used in new ways!  In the past year we’ve seen all of the sugar-covered trends that – let’s be honest – got a bit nuts.  From cotton candy ice cream burritos to unicorn barf toast, these trends were pretty and experiential – but practically inedible. 

Ryann Lindsey Photography | Konsider It Done | The Clayton House | Form Floral | a Bakeshop

{{cta(‘81005a8b-2d02-48ac-9dcf-6fa775863979’)}}Cotton candy topped cocktails and cake accents is just enough of this sticky spun sugar to add some whimsy and the right amount of sugar on top.  

Home Attitudes

Disco-42Ashley Paige Photography | Creative Amme | Sweet Lee Made

With people tending to eat less meat, they make sure that the protein they do eat is of the highest quality.  Curing meats is usually a small batch production, similar to a fine wine, and requires hard work and expertise.  Offering a variety of yummy options during a networking event, receptions or meeting, creates a fun experience that is tasty and eye-catching.  

Disco-10 Jacqueline Dallimore | Leaf + Petal | Felicity Church | Satchel Planning | Pigeon Catering

Grazing tables are also a great way to engage your audience.  Creating a large charcuterie table in the center of your event will draw people in for quick conversation.

What food trend could you see incorporating into your next event?  Have any ideas what the next event menu trend will be?  Tells us on Facebook