January, 17, 2014

5 Flowers Perfect for Your Winter Wedding

It may be the new year, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods when it comes to winter weather—and that means more winter weddings! Even with the sparkle of the holiday season behind us, winter weddings can still be some of the most beautiful, especially when it comes to decor like wedding linen and floral arrangements.

Not sure what kind of flowers complement your vision for your winter wedding? It’s time to get your horticulture on—here are five ideas that may be just the thing your bouquet is missing.

1. Ranunculus

Though not every variety of ranunculus is right for the job, larger blooms of this flower have the right balance between volume and delicacy that’s perfect for a winter affair. Look for a ranunculus in light, bright yellow and white, and with a round, full-bodied bloom. With their layers of wispy, paper-thin petals, they perfectly complement wedding linen in both neutral tones like ivory and bolder hues, like radiant orchid.

2. Amaryllis

Flowers are perfect for centerpieces. Photo Credit: Charles Hendrickson

Want wedding flowers that really pop against a winter landscape? Amaryllis is perfect for the job. With its massive, wide-open bloom and bold red coloring, amaryllis easily stands out against a snowy landscape and the traditionally cooler colors of winter. Whether you choose a solid color or a beautiful blend of red, white and pink, amaryllis is impossible to ignore against virtually any table linen.

3. Orchid

With its pure white color and soft petals, a bouquet of winter orchids evokes the sight of a gentle evening snowfall. Your florist can give you different options for carrying your orchids, too, from a tightly-bound traditional bouquet to a loose waterfall of flowers that envelops your hands like a designer muff.

Orchids are especially ideal for winter because they are so versatile—their soft white coloring perfectly complements fluffy white snow, while lending itself to combinations with colors like purple, blue and pink. A bundle of orchids is easy to pair with different colors of table linen, making these flowers perfect for bouquets and centerpieces alike.

4. Tulips

Tulips are traditionally associated with spring, but these flowers are available as early as January, so you can give your winter wedding a little unexpected twist. Whether you want colors that pop like red, purple and pink or a pure, off-white neutral shade, the unmistakable bulbs of a tulip bouquet are sure to leave an impression.

5. Calla lilies

Decorate you napkins with a flower as a unique addition Photo Credit: Charles Hendrickson

One of the most popular wedding flowers no matter the season, the calla lily is particularly beautiful in winter. With its elegant, scooped shape and its blend of creamy ivory with shades of purple like lavender and eggplant, this distinctive flower pairs beautifully with a fresh snowfall, crystal and candlelight. Make its rich color stand out by using subtle, neutral table linen throughout your reception.

Naturally, these aren’t the only flowers you can find for a January wedding. Looking for more stunning combinations of floral centerpieces and wedding linen? Follow BBJ Linen on Instagram to see more!